Bowdoin Wins Recycle Bin Grant

Story posted May 20, 2014

This summer, a stork will drop off twenty new recycle bins for the first year dorms, thanks to a grant from Keep America Beautiful and the Coca-Cola Foundation. We expect #bowdoinrecycles to start trending in the fall.

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Carpooling? There's an App for That

Story posted May 07, 2014

Snap chatting, facebooking, tweeting, and instagramming are up against some stiff competition amongst the Bowdoin Community with the addition of the Bowdoin Rideshare App now up for grabs for free on the Apple App Store.

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Lumos! The Magical World of LED Lighting

Story posted April 21, 2014

Imagine changing the bulbs in Smith Union's dome lights. Fortunately, with a recent LED retrofit, Bowdoin's electricians can rejoice on many fronts. The new LED lights are not only brighter and energy-saving, but their longevity promises less genie lifts to the Smith Union firmament. And, as it turns out, the new dome lights in Smith Union are a harbinger of things to come.

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Central Maine Power's Rate Case

Story posted March 06, 2014

Bridgett McCoy '15 takes a closer look at Central Maine Power's proposed rate case. Should it pass, the measure would essentially tax individuals and institutions that derive electricity from onsite renewable sources. With Bowdoin's solar array planned to come online by the end of summer, such a move would cost Bowdoin $170,000/year.

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Bowdoin Bookstores Reinvent the 3 Rs

Story posted February 26, 2014

Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic? Try Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. Treehouser Bridger Tomlin '17 set out to meet Assistant Director for Bowdoin Stores, Cindy Breton, a champion of sustainability in the world of sweatshirts, pennants, and textbooks. As it turns out, little actions DO add up, and Breton's initiatives prove it.

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