Dana White
Class of 2015

Posted December 17, 2013

Major(s)/Minor: EOS & ES major, Philosophy minor

Hometown: Weston, MA

Leadership on campus: Women’s Lacrosse, Bowdoin Green Athletics, EcoRep and Green Global Initiatives.

Environmental Mission: Make sustainability an attractive and attainable goal for others. Essentially, I try to instill small, environmentally friendly habits into the lives of those around me. Not many people realize that little things can really make a huge difference!

How have you been involved in sustainability efforts on campus?

Last year I was the EcoRep for Baxter house, which allowed me to be involved in the organization of many different events on campus. I have been involved with the Bowdoin Green Athletics, particularly trying to involve Atayne (an athletic gear company with products are made from plastic bottles) with the Athletic Department. I have also been very involved in Green Global Initiatives and Food Forward, a volunteer group that delivers leftover food from the dining halls to the local pantry.

Have you been involved in a summer research fellowship? What did that entail?

I worked this past summer with Professor Collin Roesler on the NASA Three Rivers project. I got to spend my summer living on campus and travelling to sample the Androscoggin, Kennebec, St. John and Penobscot rivers in sites throughout Maine and Canada! My project involved analyzing the fluorescence of Dissolved Organic Matter in each of the water samples.

Did you study abroad? Were environmental topics a part of your program?

I have actually been lucky enough to have 2 study abroad programs since being at Bowdoin. After my first year at Bowdoin, I studied with the Sea Education Association program, studying for 4 weeks and then sailing halfway across the Pacific for 4 weeks. I conducted a research project that looked at the human impact on marine ecosystems by examining the relationship between microplastics and zooplankton through a Gyre in the North Pacific Ocean.

I also studied abroad in Australia with the program “SIT: Rainforest, Reef and Cultural Ecology”, spent my time connecting with local ecosystems and learning about their important flora, fauna and processes. I camped out in the Australian Bush with an Aboriginal elder (the indigenous people of Australia) and his family, lived in a cabin in the rainforest, and hiked and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef.

What is your favorite natural spot on campus/in Brunswick?

My favorite natural spot would definitely have to be Simpson’s Point. Although there are lots of beautiful spots around campus, I prefer to be by the ocean! The Giant Steps and the Coastal Studies Center are definitely close runner-ups, though slightly further away.

How many things can you check off the “Sustainable Things to Do at Bowdoin” list or do you have one you would particularly recommend?

I’ve currently completed 21 out of the 50 so far. Despite a very valiant effort by Baxter last year, I haven’t won a dorm energy competition. I love going to the Coastal Studies Center and I would definitely recommend that to anyone who’s never been!

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