Ian Kline
Class of 2015

Posted January 14, 2013

Major(s)/Minor: Biochemistry Major and Sociology Minor

Hometown: Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan

Leadership on campus: VP Green Bowdoin Alliance, Leader for Food Co-op    

Environmental Mission: To help students find ways to lessen their environmental impact in their everyday lives.

What piqued your interest in environmental studies and sustainability? My mom and dad are both very interested in the environment and piqued my interest in all things green. For my family, the biggest emphasis has been on local food because we are all foodies. I eat at least four times a day (usually more like six or seven, depending on the number of exams I have), so I feel that since food is such a frequent part of our lives, we should give it its proper due.

How have you been involved in sustainability efforts on campus? I am involved in sustainability efforts mostly through Green Bowdoin Alliance and the Bowdoin Food Co-op. 

What course or professor helped you to connect with sustainability on campus? Rosemary Armstrong and Eileen Johnson have both been wonderful in helping me connect with sustainability on campus. I would highly recommend meeting with them and just chatting about life, the environment, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

What is your favorite natural hideaway on campus?  I love the little lake out behind Farley (though I still don't know its name). It is so peaceful, and during the winter it freezes over so beautifully. It’s a wonderful place to decompress and just let yourself go for a bit. Or the quad during the fall. The colors are just breathtaking and I always end up taking way more pictures than I should.

How many of the “50 Sustainable Things to do Before Graduation” can you check off? So far I can check off 16 things! But I plan to get all 50 by the time I graduate, so I better start working.

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