Green Athletes To Host Alice Henly

Story posted February 25, 2013

"Sports matter...and have an unparalleled impact on the everyday lives of billions of people. Sporting events are far and away the most watched television programs in the world."

-- A. Markovits and L. Rensmann, “Gaming the World”

On Friday, March 1st Alice Henly from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) will be at Bowdoin College to discuss sustainability in collegiate athletics. Her visit to the college is part of a larger national campaign by the NRDC to green athletics at the collegiate and professional level, as well as harness the cultural power of sports to drive sustainability.  Since February 2010, the Green Sports Alliance has worked with professional sports teams to bring together team executives, venue operators, and environmental experts in order to develop, implement, and share cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges in professional sports and beyond. Outcomes have included tree-planting partnerships between the Nature Conservancy and the National Hockey League and stadium recycling initiatives for games. Currently over 160 sports teams from 15 different leagues count themselves members of Green Sports Alliance.

The NRDC has begun to expand on their success in the professional sports world to the collegiate level. With collegiate athletics popularity and significant use of resources, there is enormous potential for college sports to make meaningful impacts in environmental sustainability. Alice Henly is a driving force behind a movement to realize this potential. An NCAA rowing champion and Yale graduate, Henly has managed and authored multiple award winning reports on how sports can help protect and sustain our environment. She is currently the coordinator of the NRDC’s Collegiate Sports Greening Project and is the principal advisor on sustainability to Ivy League Athletics.

Join Alice Henly and members of the various Bowdoin Athletics teams in Lancaster Lounge of Moulton Union on Friday, March 1st for lunch and a discussion of how to harness the power of sports at Bowdoin for environmental sustainability.