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2nd Annual Polar Bear Energy Challenge Begins

Story posted February 20, 2012

Are you in the game? This year’s 2nd Annual Polar Bear Energy Challenge includes thirty-nine academic and dormitory buildings, including both dining halls. With the money saved from our campus’s collective energy savings, winning participants will receive prizes and Ivies will get a greening.

So what do we mean by greening Ivies? The springtime event, which attracts hundreds of students to Whittier Field to listen to bands, receive third degree sunburns, and imbibe copious amounts of beverage, is traditionally a wasteland after the festivities stop. This year, Sustainable Bowdoin and the Entertainment Board teamed up to deliver a more eco-friendly version of this favorite pastime. Says Ruiqi Li ’13, member of the E-Board, “We're excited by the prospect of greening Ivies because there is a lot of waste generated on that day.” While plans are still being formulated, ideas that have been suggested include better recycling efforts, organic or recycled cotton tee shirts, and even a solar panel array to provide power. The more energy and money Bowdoin students and staff save, the greener Ivies can become.

Additionally, the student winners of the competition will get a banner announcing their victory to be displayed on the exterior of their dorm and at Ivies. Academic winners will enter a drawing for a free home energy audit, a value of up to $500. Details of the energy competition can be found here. As always, check your dorm’s progress under the competitions tab at the Bowdoin Building Dashboard.