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Go U Green Bears

Story posted April 05, 2012

Bowdoin’s athletes may have another reason to support the College’s “Carbon Neutral by 2020” pledge, as the fate of our mascot may depend on it. Bowdoin Green Athletes (BGA), a student-run organization that collaborates with administrators, faculty, and staff, has taken the lead in this endeavor. The College has already done much to incorporate sustainability into Bowdoin’s athletic operations; two of the campus’ three LEED-certified projects include the Buck Fitness Center and the Watson Arena. Lighting at the College’s two basketball courts as well as at the track and tennis courts have been upgraded for efficiency in the past four years, and Bowdoin uses organic fertilizer treatments almost exclusively on its fields. In addition, the College has begun to implement paperless programs via Quick Response Codes for Smartphones and other devices; these virtual programs contain a wealth of information.

Kristin Hanczor '12 (volleyball) and Alex Tougas '14 (swimming) are leading the efforts to green up the athletic image at Bowdoin. The group's mission statement is as follows:

 "As athletes and as members of the larger Bowdoin College community, we are mindful that our actions affect the environment. We are committed to helping the College attain its goal of carbon neutrality by 2020, and we pledge to work as a team to lessen our environmental impact. Our teams will construct specific goals in order to increase sustainability and create a community of environmental stewardship on the Bowdoin campus."

In the future, BGA aims to expand recycling and minimize waste during athletic contests, compile pledges from teams, and ultimately implement clothing and shoe recycling. Bridging various aspects of the campus in order to increase sustainability and serve the Common Good - that is the mission of Bowdoin’s Green Athletes. Go U (Green) Bears!