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15,475 Cups of Coffee

Story posted August 29, 2011

Reusable mugs are a convenient and effective way to save energy and reduce waste — and faculty, staff and students are catching on. Staff member Chris Taylor, known for his 22-ounce Bowdoin mug, has been setting an example of sustainable behavior for more than 20 years. An avid coffee-drinker, Taylor has used his mug since 1990, when he began working at Bowdoin. The mug's lettering has worn off — only the "B" remains. Drinking three cups of coffee per day (he says he long ago switched to decaf), Taylor estimates he has probably consumed 15,475 cups of coffee from his trusty mug — that's a lot of disposable cups saved from the waste stream. The manufacturing and shipping required to produce one Styrofoam cup emits about a quarter of a pound of CO2 into the atmosphere, meaning Taylor alone has saved the environment from about 3,850 pounds of CO2.