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Story posted April 08, 2011

Wow, the locavore theme meals at Bowdoin are super popular!  On Wednesday night, over 1,500 students, faculty and staff, and their families crowded into our dining halls to enjoy a meal that highlighted Bowdoin's sustainability commitment.  Sponsored by Dining Service, the Office of Sustainable Bowdoin, and the Environmental Studies department, and part of the "Meet What You Eat" series, the meal featured cooking demonstrations, informative slide shows, civic engagement, contests and great food.

The menu included local winter vegetables used in delicious ways in dishes such as curried carrot soup, traditional baked beans, baked butternut squash with maple syrup, mashed potatoes and parsnips, and sweet and sour cranberry slaw.  Most unusual was the salt and lemon-massaged kale salad with apples and almonds.  But this was not a vegetarian meal!  Also available was rich beef stew made from Archer Angus free range beef, owned by Bowdoin alum, Ray Buck '80, Thorne's fabulous Maine shrimp cakes with spicy remoulade, free range chicken Thai pie pizza, and house-made, beer-braised kielbasa.

The meal was an opportunity for Bowdoin student Eco-reps to engage their peers in discussion about sustainability, local foods and being part of a greener future.  Dining Service was able to demonstrate how 32% of their food and beverage purchases come from local sources.  It was also a reminder of the impact that Bowdoin can have on our local community and how purchasing decisions on both an individual and aggregate basis can strengthen Maine's overall economy.  Where else but on our college campus would 1,500 people be sitting down together and enjoying such a local feast?

"Where else but on our campus would 1,500 people be sitting down together and enjoying such a local feast?"