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Sustainability Fellow Examines Historic Preservation

Story posted August 30, 2010

Andrew Cushing received a Psi Upsilon Sustainability fellowship during the summer of 2010 that provided him with an opportunity to learn about the broader notion of sustainability.  As an intern at New Hampshire’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), Andrew Cushing ’12 (Environmental Studies and History) worked on land conservation and historic preservation projects. This included performing site visits to a 1913 movie theatre, a repurposed grange hall, paper company barns, 10,000 acre wildlife corridors, and key watershed protection lands to name a few. He helped in developing baseline documentation, stewardship agreements, and conservation deeds; met with state organizations that aim to protect New Hampshire’s historic and natural assets; and assisted his hometown’s historical society to list four buildings to the state (and potentially national) register of historic places.  One of the major lessons that he took away from the experience was about the relationship between land conservation and historic preservation. ”These are both movements with support from the people, yet protecting the New Hampshire landscape requires increased funding, more consensus, and healthier appreciations for our past."

“Sustainability can apply to many situations. In addition to the obvious built and natural environment, a human element is critical to the sustainability of a community. Without involved and caring citizens, engaged youth, and concerned government officials, it becomes too easy to lose that sense of place.”