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2010 Energy Savings Contest Winners

Story posted December 08, 2010

During the month-long competition, Bowdoin College dorms reduced their electric consumption by 16,893 Kilowatt/hours compared to the base period in October, an equivalent reduction to 5.9 metric tons of CO2 or the equivalent CO2 reduction of burning 1,365 gallons of gasoline.  If you were driving a vehicle that gets 40mpg, you could drive to San Francisco and back 8 times with that amount of gasoline!  A big thank you to all who participated!  See the breakdown of winners and an analysis of the competition below.

Top Conservers:

Top overall reduction: Helmreich House

Top Reduction from First Year Dorm: Moore Hall

Top Reduction from Upperclassman Dorm: Howard Hall

Top Reduction from First Year Dorm/House Affiliate: Moore Hall and Reed House

Biggest reduction in second half of competition: Helmreich House

For complete results visit http://www.buildingdashboard.net/bowdoin/ and click on the competition tab.

This year the 9th annual Bowdoin energy saving competition saw the closest results in recent history. Helmreich House was able to come from behind in the final 10 days of the competition to reduce their energy consumption by 0.5% more than Reed House. Over the month long competition Helmreich House used 29.1% less energy than they did during the base period during the previous month. Moore Hall took the Freshmen Dorm category, reducing their energy consumption by 16.3% and clinching the top Social House/Freshmen Dorm pair with their stellar affiliate Reed House, which had a 28.6% reduction.  Howard Hall reduced their energy consumption by 14% solidly taking the Upperclassman Dorm competition by a margin of 7%.

Despite moving this year's Dorm Energy Saving Competition back one month later, during a colder and darker November instead of October, 11 of the 21 dorms still used less energy than during the competition last year. Furthermore, this year's addition of a prize for the most improved during the 2nd half of the energy competition saw 19 of the 21 dorms using less energy in the latter half of the month, which was helped by the diligent unplugging of appliances and turning off of all lights before leaving for the Thanksgiving break. The most improved category was taken by Helmreich House who used 12% less energy in the second half of the competition than in the first half.  Baxter House also showed a significant improvement in the second half, decreasing their consumption by 9% over the first half.

The competition was a lot of fun. I guess most of our success came from being diligent about turning off lights in our kitchen, bathrooms, living room, bedrooms etc. when people weren't using them. Also, I think a lot of people did a good job about not having cell phone and computer chargers plugged into the walls at all times. We really tried to eliminate the phantom energy in our house. I sent a lot of emails out to remind people to be proactive and I think a little harassment was good.
— Tess Beam, Helmreich Eco Rep