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Climate Days 2010 Short Film Competition

Story posted April 23, 2010

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day over 1000 people packed in to Thorne Dining Hall for the second annual Locavore Dinner as part of Bowdoin's Climate Days events.  Outside of the delicious local food, one of the main attractions of the evening was being able to watch and vote on the finalists for this years "How are You Committed" short film contest.  Kaptain Kilowatt and his friends Dan and Jan the Cans took the first place vote, with "Sustainably Incorrect" and "Drop of Water" coming in close behind.

Sustainably Incorrect: When it can't possibly get any worse.
Starring Sue Danforth, Doug Boxer-Cook and Megan Morouse.  Written, Directed and Produced by Sue Danforth and Doug Boxer-Cook.

A Drop of Water: A refreshing glass of crisp, clean common sense
Starring Lucas Delahanty and Peter Griesmer.  Written, Directed and Produced by Lucas Delahanty.

Kaptain Kilowatt and the case of the Elusive Phantom Energy
: Will he get his nemesis?
Starring Andrew Cushing as Kaptain Kilowatt, Peter Murphey as Dan the Can, Lucia Cowles as Jan the Can, Annabel Boeke as Phantom Energy, and guest appearances from Jonathan Viera as Scared Student and Randy Nichols as Randy Nichols.  Written by Spencer Eusden and Hannah Levy.  Filmed and Produced by Aviva Fiske and Danny Lowinger.
** Unfortunately this film can not be displayed on the website - it contains protected copyright music that could not be erased from the video.