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Kohlrabi, For Real?

Story posted June 28, 2010

Bowdoin organic gardener, Tristan Williams, and the student intern who will be his primary garden assistant during this summer season, Seth Kelly, have been hard at work in our college fields. Seth is a Bowdoin rising senior from Williamstown, Massasachusetts with landscaping experience and a great deal of enthusiasm. Tristan and Seth stand out from the crowd at their lunch break in Thorne Dining Hall. Could it be the tall green rubber boots that give them away?

The usually warm and sunny spring weather has matured the seedlings and Tristan and Seth have harvested a bumper crop including tiny tender salad greens with lots of mustardy mizuna and arugula, basil, chives and asparagus. The radishes are huge and the kohlrabi is beautiful.

We invite you to follow the progress of our garden through Tristan's blog.