College Governance

College Committees serve as a mechanism through which students offer input on a variety of issues. The Student Executive Board interviews students for membership for the following committees. Please refer to the Bowdoin College Catalogue online for the names of faculty and administrative committee members. In circumstances where a College Committee is required to meet and take action outside the academic year, committee members may participate by telephone when necessary.


* Only those committees with student representation are listed. For a complete list of committees, see the College Catalogue.

The by-laws of the College allow for a high degree of student involvement in College governance. Students are voting members of nearly all trustee committees and are representatives at meetings of the Executive Committee and of the full Board of Trustees.

Executive:  Deborah Jensen Barker, Chair; Gregory E. Kerr, Vice Chair; Clayton S. Rose, President; Arthur E. Black, Michele G. Cyr, John F. McQuillan, David A. Morales, Kathleen K. Phillips, Mary Hogan Preusse, David J. Roux, James E. Staley, John K. L. Thorndike.  Subcommittee chairs invited:  Tasha vanderLinde Irving, Andrew E. Serwer.  Representatives:  Judith Casselberry, faculty; Michelle Kruk ’16, student; Daniel A. Mejia-Cruz ’16, student; Scott W. Hood, secretary; Elizabeth D. Orlic, liaison officer.

Academic Affairs:  Michele G. Cyr, Chair; Sydney Asbury, Gregory B. Bowes, Ronald C. Brady, David G. Brown, Donald A. Goldsmith, George A. Khaldun, Jane L. Pinchin, Linda H. Roth, James E. Staley, Sheldon M. Stone, John K. L. Thorndike, David P. Wheeler, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Andrew C. Rudalevige, faculty; Andrew Millar ’16, student; Talia Cowen ’16, student; Jennifer Scanlon, liaison officer.

Admissions and Financial Aid:  David A. Morales, Chair; Donald A. Goldsmith, Ann Hambelton Kenyon, George A. Khaldun, James W. MacAllen, Henry T. A. Moniz, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Sheldon M. Stone, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Adam Levy, faculty; Chase Savage ’16, student; Marc Berson ’18, student; Scott A. Meiklejohn, liaison officer.

Audit:  Kathleen K. Phillips, Chair; Peter J. Bernard,  Gregory B. Bowes, Leonard W. Cotton, John A. Gibbons, Bradford A. Hunter, Ann Hambelton Kenyon, H. Allen Ryan, Karen N. Walker; S. Catherine Longley, liaison officer; Matthew P. Orlando, staff.

Committee on Trustees:  Gregory E. Kerr, Chair; Michele G. Cyr, Stephen F. Gormley, Bradford A. Hunter, Ann Hambelton Kenyon, Henry T. A. Moniz, Mary C. Tydings Smith, Paula M. Wardynski, David P. Wheeler, Robert F. White, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Elizabeth D. Orlic, liaison officer.

Development and College Relations:  John F. McQuillan, Chair; Sydney Asbury, Arthur E. Black, David G. Brown, Jeff D. Emerson, Stephen F. Gormley, James W. MacAllen, David A. Morales, Scott B. Perper, Linda H. Roth, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Robert F. White, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Aaron W. Kitch, faculty; Thomas E. Walsh, Jr., alumni council; Emma Patterson ’16, student; Rachel Snyder ’16, student; Richard J. Ganong, liaison officer.

Facilities and Properties:  Mary Hogan Preusse, Chair; Gregory B. Bowes, Leonard W. Cotton, Iris W. Davis, Bradford A. Hunter, Joseph V. McDevitt, Jr., Linda H. Roth, Geoffrey C. Rusack, H. Allen Ryan, Peter M. Small*, David P. Wheeler, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Allen L. Springer, faculty; Grace Butler ’16, student; William Kai Wise ’18, student; S. Catherine Longley, liaison officer.

Financial Planning:  David J. Roux, Chair; Peter J. Bernard, Ronald C. Brady, Leonard W. Cotton, Jeff D. Emerson, John A. Gibbons, Jr., Tasha vanderLinde Irving, David A. Morales, Scott B. Perper, Kathleen K. Phillips, Karen N. Walker, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Matthew W. Klingle, faculty; Chuying (Lucy) Luo ’16, student; S. Catherine Longley, liaison officer; Delwin C. Wilson, staff.

Subcommittee on Honors:  Andrew E. Serwer, Chair; Sydney Asbury, Kathleen K. Phillips, Jane L. Pinchin, David J. Roux, Mary C. Tydings Smith, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; John Lichter, faculty; Hanétha Vété-Congolo, faculty; Amy J. Minton, liaison officer; John R. Cross, staff.

Information and Technology:  John K. L. Thorndike, Chair; Peter J. Bernard, David G. Brown, Michele G. Cyr, Jeff D. Emerson, John A. Gibbons, Jr., Stephen F. Gormley, John F. McQuillan, Paula M. Wardynski, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Eric C. Gaze, faculty; Andrew Haeger ’16, student; Mitchel W. Davis, liaison officer.

Investment:  James E. Staley, Chair; Peter J. Bernard, Stanley F. Druckenmiller*, Scott B. Perper, Sheldon M. Stone, Paula M. Wardynski, Robert F. White, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Zoe Cruz; Paul Finnegan, parent; Edward S. Hyman, parent; Thomas Pietraho, faculty; Paula J. Volent, liaison officer.

Special Committee on Multicultural Affairs:  Tasha vanderLinde Irving, Chair; Ronald C. Brady, Iris W. Davis, Gregory E. Kerr, George A. Khaldun, Joseph V. McDevitt, Jr., Jane L. Pinchin, Mary Hogan Preusse, Andrew E. Serwer, James E. Staley, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; H. Roy Partridge, faculty; Peggy Wang, faculty; Kelsey Scarlett ’17, student; Yiran (Elina) Zhang ’16, student; Leana E. Amaez, liaison officer.

Student Affairs:  Arthur E. Black, Chair; Iris W. Davis, James W. MacAllen, Joseph V. McDevitt, Jr., Henry T. A. Moniz, Mary Hogan Preusse, Geoffrey C. Rusack, H. Allen Ryan, Mary C. Tydings Smith, Karen N. Walker, Clayton S. Rose, ex officio; Meghan K. Roberts, faculty; Luke von Maur ’16, student; Timothy W. Foster, liaison officer.

*    Emeritus status

Note:  The President of the College is ex officio member of all standing committees, except the Audit Committee.

Additional Service:

      Gift Acceptance Committee:  Richard J. Ganong, Chair; John F. McQuillan, David J. Roux, Nancy C. Milam, S. Catherine Longley, Matthew P. Orlando, Paula J. Volent.

 Museum of Art Advisory Council:  Linda H. Roth, John J. Studzinski

Secretary of the College:  Elizabeth D. Orlic

Assistant Secretary of the College:  Megan A. Hart

Secretary of the Trustees:  Heather T. Kenvin


* Only those committees with student representation are listed. For a complete list of committees, see the College Catalogue.


Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (CEP)
Chair: Jennifer Scanlon. Undergraduates: Andrew Millar ’16, Harry Rube ’16, Luke von Maur ’16 (alternate). Responsible for broad oversight of the curriculum, and for proposing changes in academic policy and degree requirements for consideration by the faculty. Advises the Dean and the President on allocation of resources, including the assignment and reauthorization of faculty positions. Brings to the faculty proposals about policy including college-wide changes to major/minor requirements, changes to college-wide distribution requirements, and other large-scale curricular policy matters. Represents the faculty on the Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs.

Curriculum Implementation Committee (CIC)
Chair: James A. Higginbotham. Undergraduates:  Megan Freiberger ’16, Kristin Bishop ’18, Zachary (Zach) Duperry ’18 (alternate). Oversees curricular implementation, including: approval of all new and revised courses, revisions to individual majors/minors, implementation and evaluation of distribution requirements.  Oversees Off-Campus Study curricular issues.  Evaluates and approves self-designed majors (with advice on petitions from the Associate Dean for Curriculum).  Oversees the execution of policies  re: grading, honors, transfer of credit and progress towards degree (in consultation with CEP as necessary).  Subcommittees may be formed as needed.

Recording Committee
Chair: Danielle H. Dube. Undergraduates: Leah Alper ’17, Cody Woods ’16, Wylie Mao ’18 (alternate). Interprets and applies current academic policies, determines academic standing, reviews petitions re: academic standing, grading options, and transfer credit. (2 students appointed plus 1 alternate.)


External Student Fellowships Committee
Chair: Patrick J. Rael. Undergraduate: Dillon Sandhu ’16.  Student member is involved in selection of student Commencement speakers and student recipients of College prizes.  (1 student) 

Faculty Development Committee: Teaching Resources Subcommittee
Chair: Jennifer Taback. Undergraduates: Dana E. Byrd ’18, John C. Holt ’18, Hannah Reese '18 (alternate).  Administers course development grants. Oversees the development of teaching: engaging speakers, organizing workshops, supervising the teaching mentorship program, etc.  (2 students appointed plus 1 alternate)

Internal Student Fellowships Committee
Chair: David M. Gordon. Undergraduate: Dillon Sandhu '16.  Student member is involved in selection of student Sarah and James Bowdoin Day speaker.  (1 student)

Lectures and Concerts
Chair: Elizabeth Muther. Undergraduates: Allison Carroll ’18, Heather Chan ’17.  Awards funds on the basis of proposals submitted by members of the faculty to support lectures, concerts, exhibitions, and other events relating to the academic and cultural life of the College.


Judicial Board and Student Sexual Assault and Misconduct Board 
Chair, Judicial Board: Maggie Acosta ’16; Student Sexual Misconduct Board: Timothy Foster, Dean of Student Affairs. Undergraduates: Maggie Acosta ’16, Chair, Indre Altman ’18, Daniel Buckman ’18, Tom Capone ’17, Nora Cullen ’18, Natalie Kiley-Bergen, ’17, Sasha Kramer ’16, Hunter Moeller, ’17, Christopher Nadeau  (Vice-Chair) ‘16, Michael Pun ’17, Carolyn Veilleux ’16, Justin Weathers ’18. The Judicial Board addresses violations of the Academic Honor Code and Social Code. The Student Sexual Assault and Misconduct Board serves as the hearing body for student complaints of sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct by students. Full details of the hearing processes are outlined under the Judicial Authority and the Student Sexual Misconduct policy.

Student Appeals and Grievances
Chair: President Clayton S. Rose. Undergraduates: William Goodenough ’16, Michelle Kruk ’16, Erin Mckissick ’16, Daniel A. Mejia-Cruz ’16, Lloyd Anderson ’16 (alternate). Reviews J-Board decisions. Can either uphold J-Board decision, direct the Dean of Student Affairs to take appropriate action, or direct the J-Board to reconsider the case.  Addresses student complaints of discrimination on the basis of a federally protected class.


Chair: Sarah McMahon. Undergraduates: Kelsey Scarlett ’17, Daisy Wislar ’18, Kayla Kaufman ’18, Hilda Njanike ’17. Advises the College Librarian regarding library policies, procedures, and the development of the library collection.  Informs the faculty about issues relating to the library. Recommends the formation of working groups on issues of broad faculty interest in relation to library and information resources.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art Advisory Council
Chair: President Clayton S. Rose, Co-Chairs: Anne and Frank Goodyear, Co-Directors of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. Undergraduates: Emily Benjamin Torda ’18, Jamie Denton ’16 (alternate).  Supports the Museum’s mission, strategic direction, programmatic goals, and financial well-being; offers advice and counsel to the Museum Director on issues pertaining to museum polices and priorities; works to ensure that the Museum follows best practices in its professional activities; helps to create a secure financial structure for the museum’s future; and seeks to raise the quality and diversity of the Museum’s collections and enhance their use.  

Bias Incident Group
Chair: President Clayton S. Rose. Undergraduates: Christina Moreland ’17, Yiran (Elina) Zhang ’16. Meets at the initiative of the President in response to an incident of bias in any form, whether discrimination, harassment, or other intolerance for the purpose of sharing all facts available at the time and designing a course of action appropriate to the incident.

Advisory Committee for a Diverse Community
Chair: Sarah McMahon. Undergraduates: Kelsey Scarlett ’17, Daisy Wislar ’18, Kayla Kaufman ’18, Hilda Njanike ’17. Advises offices in charge of supporting the diverse identity groups that constitute our campus community, on matters pertaining to the academic and social experience of students, faculty and staff. Advises primarily on issues related to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and social or geographical origin.

(Program Committees determine how student members are to be appointed.)

Africana Studies
Chair: Brian Purnell

Asian Studies
Chair: Vyjayanthi Selinger

Chair: Bruce D. Kohorn

Environmental Studies
Chair: John Lichter

Cinema Studies
Chair: Aviva Briefel

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Marilyn Reizbaum and Frances Gouda (Transitional Program Directors)

Latin American Studies
Chair: Gustavo Faverón Patriau

Chair: Hadley W. Horch