Who We Are

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs provides resources, education and training around issues of sexual violence. Benje Douglas, Director of Title IX and Compliance, serves as the Advisor to the Student Sexual Misconduct Board. Mr. Douglas, along with a group of dedicated student leaders, work to develop an array of programs that focus on sexual violence prevention.

The goal of this group is to create a safe and open environment in which discussion of issues surrounding sexual violence is encouraged and ongoing. Resources and programs educate the community about the realities of sexual, dating and relationship violence. This work is supported by the Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention, a working group on campus that is made up of representatives from different student groups.

Benje Douglas, Director of Title IX and Compliance, joined Bowdoin in July of 2014 from a career in various community programs working in violence prevention and response. He works closely with the student leaders of ASAP (the Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention), V-SPACE, Safe Space, and BMASV (Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence). Benje’s office is located on the second floor of 24 College Street and he can be reached by email at bdouglas@bowdoin.edu or by phone at 721-5189.

The Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) is an umbrella organization made up of representatives from many different groups on campus.  The groups include Peer Health, the Athletic Council, BMASV, Safe Space, V-Space, V-Day, Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance (BQSA), Class Councils, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG), Peer Health, Women's Resource Center (WRC), African American Society, Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Spirituality Group and the Inter-House Council. These groups work in partnership to create an atmosphere on Bowdoin's campus where all students know how to communicate in sexual situations, look out for each other, intervene when necessary, and feel encouraged to have healthy and safe relationships.

Safe Space is a campus organization dedicated to the support of survivors of sexual violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, incest, child sexual abuse, and rape. Safe Space offers survivors an opportunity to share their experiences in a confidential and supportive atmosphere. We also offer continued support throughout the healing process. Members of Safe Space are trained by professional counselors from Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine (SASSMM). Members can be reached through campus mail, e-mail, or via telephone to answer questions and to provide support to survivors, their family, friends, and anyone else affected by sexual violence.

Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence (BMASV) is a group of male Bowdoin students who actively fight to help end sexual violence on campus.  We strive to educate and raise awareness about sexual violence in a variety of ways, most signficantly through holding facilitations for all male athletic teams and all males living in College Houses.  A few of the important issues we tackle in these facilitations inlcude consent, being an active bystander, and homophobic language.  We work in partnership with Safe Space, V-Day, and V-Space to create a safer and healthier sexual environment on campus.

V-Day is dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of sexual violence against women and girls, at Bowdoin College and worldwide.

V-Space is a group of Bowdoin students who facilitate conversations around dating, sex and relationships with different groups of women across campus, including all women's sports teams.