Resources & Contacts

Bowdoin is lucky to have an abundance of incredibly helpful campus resources.  Below is a listing of only a few the many people who can help throughout your time at Bowdoin. 



Campus Location

How I Can Help …

Leana Amaez

Associate Dean of Multicultural Student Programs

Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Moulton Union and 30 College Street

I create campus programs to benefit minority students and personally advise students and their families.

Lisa Flanagan

English for Multilingual Students Advisor

Center for Learning and Teaching, Kanbar Hall

I provide one-on-one tutoring for students for whom English is not a native language.

Cathy Hayes

Student Health Insurance Coordinator

Health Services, Buck Center

I can help you navigate use of your school medical insurance plan, including sports insurance. Contact me with medical claims issues.


Meredith Haralson

Assistant Director of Employment and Staffing

216 Maine Street

I’m happy to help you to navigate the process of how to find and land on-campus employment.

Robin Saindon

 Payroll Specialist

Controller’s Office, Brunswick Station

Once you get your social security card, contact me to schedule a time to complete your employment paperwork.  After we meet you can officially start working. 


Khoa D. Khuong

Assistant Dean of First Year Students and Advisor to International Students

Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Moulton Union

Come to me for help with any question or concern! I help with OPT applications; social security number applications; campus & cultural adjustment; connecting to other resources; & Host Family concerns, among other items.