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Office of the Dean of Students

About Us


The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs provides resources and education relating to issues of alcohol and drug use. Through training and programs, Meadow Davis, Director of Residential Life & Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and Christian van Loenen, Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education, work to prevent alcohol and drug abuse on campus. They work in close collaboration with departments across the division of student affairs in order to reach this goal.

In addition to community-focused alcohol education and prevention efforts, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs coordinates with Health and Counseling Services to promote individual student wellbeing by supporting health decisions regarding alcohol and individual recovery support.

Student Groups

At Bowdoin, student leaders are invested in preventing alcohol and drug abuse or misuse and promoting a safe and fun social environment. The Alcohol Team brings together students and staff to investigate ways to positively influence the alcohol climate at Bowdoin. Student members of the A Team are nominated by upperclassmen. These students are social leaders on campus and are invested in the creation of a safe drinking culture at Bowdoin.

Peer Health is a student group that promotes community wellbeing through campus-wide programs, small group facilitations, and one-on-one conversations. Peer Health focuses much of its energy on raising awareness about alcohol and drug use. Find out more about Peer Health at their blog or email cvanloen@bowdoin.edu