Frequently Asked Questions

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What are other resources where I can learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?  

Whose responsibility is it to request accommodations?  
It is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations by self-identifying to the Director of Accommodations in the accommodations request form and supplying supporting documentation. You can find instructions and forms to request accommodations in the sidebar.

Who should I contact with questions about the accommodations process at Bowdoin?  
Students should contact the Director of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

Is there a deadline for applying for accommodations?  
Yes and no. Although students may apply for accommodations at any point during their time at Bowdoin, some deadlines are imposed for time-limited processes (i.e. housing lottery). Students may make requests post-deadlines, however it may limit the scope and nature of the accommodation.

Will I have the same accommodations at Bowdoin as I did at my high school?  
You may have the same accommodations, or some of the same accommodations, as when you were in high school; however we find that accommodations often look different for individual students from college to high school.

I am not a student with a disability. Will I still be eligible for accommodations?  
Accommodations are only granted to students with disabilities, including temporary disabilities

I recently injured myself playing a sport/slipping on ice/in dance class... Do I qualify for a temporary accommodation?  
If you have injured yourself on or off campus, while in class, on the athletic fields, or in your residence hall, you may qualify for a temporary accommodation. After seeking immediate medical help from a licensed medical professional, please contact the Director of Accommodations as soon as possible (over the phone is just fine if your injury prevents you from coming to the office) to discuss next steps.

What are temporary accommodations?  
Temporary accommodations may be granted to students with injuries (i.e. broken bones, concussion, etc.) or acute, emergent medical conditions (i.e. sudden stroke, blindness, etc.), or even students with emerging symptoms and diagnoses of learning disabilities or ADHD. In such instances, the College may assign any number of accommodations on a temporary basis (typically no longer than one semester) to address impermanent injury, illness, or other conditions.

In other instances a ‘temporary accommodation’ can simply mean that documentation supporting a student’s request for accommodations will ‘expire’ before the end of their time at the college and will require them to provide updated documentation at the expiration of prior documentation.

Do you have private tutors available at Bowdoin?  
Through the Center for Learning and Teaching students may connect with peer tutors and peer mentors for support on their academic work. However, the College has no professionally staffed tutors.

Can I change my accommodations?  
You may request changes to your accommodations. Students may, at any point during their experience at Bowdoin, make a request for new accommodations. After submitting a formal request, the Director of Accommodations will review the request and supporting documents, consult with the student, and decide whether accommodations will be modified. Please contact the Director of Accommodations directly for questions about changing your accommodations.

Do I have to use my accommodations?  
If you have been granted accommodations, you are not obligated to use them. For example, if you regularly finish ahead of time on in-class exams for a particular course, but you have an accommodation of extended testing time, you are not obligated to stay in the testing space until the end of your accommodated time.

Do I have to notify college officials of my disability?  
No. Students are not obligated to disclose their disabilities to school officials. There are students at Bowdoin who never disclose that they may have a disability to college officials. However, such students usually do not require nor request accommodations

Do I have to request accommodations if I have a disability?  
No. Students are not required to request accommodations if they have a disability. However, students should not expect to receive accommodations unless they complete a formal request for them through the Director of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

Who do I talk to for help navigating conversations with my faculty about accommodations?  
Faculty have an important role in the implementation of accommodations, and so it is recommended that students speak directly to faculty for concerns. However, when that option is unavailable students should contact the Director of Accommodations directly. The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs can also provide support for students navigating productive engagement with faculty.

If you wish to request accommodations, follow the instructions HERE