Examples of Mosaic Plagiarism

Moving your cursor over the below excerpt from Writer B will underscore instances of mosaic plagiarism. To compare the writer's unacknowledged borrowings with the source text, click on the underscored phrases.

Student Writer B: Source:

Only two years later, all these friendly Sioux were suddenly plunged into new conditions, including starvationmartial law on all their reservations, and constant urging by their friends and relations to join in warfare against the treacherous government that had kept faith with neither friend nor foe.

"Contrast the condition into which all these friendly Indians are suddenly plunged now, with their condition only two years previous: martial law now in force on all their reservations; themselves in danger of starvation, and constantly exposed to the influence of emissaries from their friends and relations, urging them to join in fighting this treacherous government that had kept faith with nobody--neither with friend nor with foe."

Example Three: Writer B has borrowed an unacknowledged phrase from Jackson and has not indicated with brackets that words have been added to the original.