AY 2012-2013 and Summer 2013 Recipients

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Institutional Fellowships
James Stacy Coles Research Fellowship Kibbe Science Fellowship
Martha Reed Coles Fellowship Maine Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
Doherty Coastal Studies Fellowship Maine Space Grant Consortium Fellowship/Women in the Physical Sciences Research Fellowship 
Freedman Coastal Studies Fellowship Craig A. McEwen Summer Reasearch Fellowship
Goldsmith Adams Reasearch Award Patterson/Baird Family Research Fellowship
Grua/O'Connell Fellowship Rusack Coastal Studies Fellowship
Hughes Family Summer Research Fellowship Surdna Undergraduate Fellowship
Edward E. Langbein Sr. Summer Fellowship Watterson Fellowship
Kaufmann Family Fellowship

Student Faculty Research Grant Fellowships

Departmental Fellowships for Research
Beckman Scholarship McKee Photography Grant
Bowdoin Life Sciences Fellowship Mellon Humanities Fellowship
Bowdoin Scientific Station Fellowship Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship
James Stacy Coles Summer Fellowship Mellon Summer Internship
Cooke Environmental Fellowship Paul L. Nyhus Travel Grant
Gibbons Summer Research Fellowship
Paller Research Fellowship
INBRE Summer Fellowship Rutan Scholarship Award
Latin American Studies Research Grant  Riley Fellowship
Lowy Neuroscience Summer Fellowship Research Fellowship for Women in the Physical Sciences
Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholars Scholarship for Summer Study in Dance

Funded Internship Programs
Theodore W. Anastopoulos P'79 Fellowship Logan Environmental Fellowship
Berkley-Tyre Environmental Fellowship McKinley Grant
Bowdoin College Alumni Council Internship Fund Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Fellowship
Community Matters in Maine Fellowship Preston Public Interest Career Fund
Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship Psi Upsilon Environmental Fellowship
Global Citizens Grant Psi Upsilon Environmental Justice Fellowship
Robert S. Goodfriend Grant
Psi Upsilon Sustainability Fellowship
Ladd Government Internship Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship

Institutional Fellowships

James Stacy Coles Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Ian Kline '15 Synthesis of a cyclooctyne-based photodynamic antibiotic for Helicobacter pylori Danielle Dube
Martha Reed Coles Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Jennifer Goetz '15 The Intersection of the Public and Private Lives of British Enlightenment Intellectuals Meghan Roberts

Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Coastal Studies Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Adam Eichenwald '14 The Effects of White-Nose Syndrome in Acadia National Park Damon Gannon
Alana Menendez '15 NASA Three Rivers Project: Nutrient Flux to the Gulf of Maine Collin Roesler
Elizabeth Owens '14 Effects of Temperature on the Cardiac System in the American Lobster, Homarus americanus Patsy Dickinson
Christine Rholl '14 Role of vision in predator response to luminescence of Harmothoe imbricata and LED mimic displays Trevor Rivers
Peter Tracy '14 Identification and Function of Pyrokinin Peptides in H. americanus Elizabeth Stemmler
Chelsea Youn '14 Distribution of AST-C and AST-C-Like Peptides in the American Lobster Patsy Dickinson

Freedman Summer Research Fellowship in Coastal/Environmental Studies
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Karl Reinhardt '15 Analyzing Algal Bloom Distribution and Modeling Its Productivity in Harpswell Sound Collin Roesler

Goldsmith Adams Reasearch Award
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Maya Little '15 The Perpetuation of the Sino-Korean Tributary System and China's Modern Perception of North Korea Leah Zuo

Peter J. Grua and Mary G. O'Connell Faculty/Student Research Award
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Willem Bogardus '13 Rethinking Success: Collective Interest Representation in Postwar Japan Thomas Conlan
Anna Chase '13 Effects of Photopollution on the Settlement of Marine Fouling Organisms in the Gulf of Maine Trevor Rivers
Charles Cubeta '13 Planning the Motor City: Rhw Influence of the Big Three on the Developmet of Detroit's Physical and Social Landscape Jill Pearlman
Eric Edelman '13 Spreading the Neoliberal Gospel to Chile: The Chicago Boys, Democracy, and Dictatorship from 1956-1990 Elizabeth Shesko
Karina Graeter '14 A journey to Princeton University to Colloborate on engineering an incubation chamber Mark Battle
Chelsea Gross '13 Dining at the Chamberlains: An Analysis of the Artifacts from the 2010 Chamberlain Excavation Susan Kaplan
Chloe Huang '13 Untitled Belinda Kong
Natalie Johnson '13 Research in Dance Choreography at the New York Public Library for Performing Arts and the American Dance Festival Winter Internsive Charlotte Griffin
Raven-Seymone Johnson '13 The Assimilation and Success of Second Generation Anflophone West Indian College Students Ingrid Nelson
Christopher Kan '13 A Study of Recovery: The Genetic Structure of Blueback Herring in the Gulf of Maine John Lichter
Linda Kinstler '13 Literary Refractions of Jewish Collective Memory after Eichmann Marilyn Reizbaum
Julia Livermore '13 Effect of Luminescent Behavior on Survivorship of Intertidal Scale Worms Trevor Rivers
Danica Loucks '13 Belonging on the Appalachian Trail: An Analysis of the Thru-hiking Community Sara Dicket
Lyne Lucien '13 The Evolution of a City: Examining Graffiti in Berlin, 1980-Present Jill Smith
Patricia Thibodeau '13 Where is Noticula scintillans in the Arabian Sea: An Evaluation of in situ multispectral flourescent signatures Collin Roesler
Sheela Turbek '13 Differential migration in an island-breeding songbird population:insights from stable-hydrogen isotopes and geolocators Nat Wheelwright
Claudia Villar-Leeman '15 The heat is on: air temperature, burrow microhabitat, and reproductive success in a long-lived seabird Damon Gannon
Hannah Young '13 Measuring Cultural Differences and the Significance of Public Perceptions: Studying the European Union’s Relationship with Turkey Laura Henry
Benjamin Ziomek '13 The Cultural and Military Origins of German Colonization in the Coastal Chinese City of Qingdau: 1897-1914 Birgit Tautz

Hughes Family Summer Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Nathan Ricke '14 Computational Predictions of Photochemical Reaction Pathways Soren Eustis

Edward E. Langbein Sr. Summer Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Sarah Levin '13 The Midwife and the Witch: Women on the Fringe of Medieval Society Dallas Denery
Erin St. Peter '13 Refugees in Maine—Workforce Integration and Related Supports John Fitzgerald

Kaufmann Family Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Katherine Ashby '13 Heritage, Faith, and Machismo: State and Church Policies and Discourse Surrounding Reproductive Health in Ecuador Krista Van Vleet

Kibbe Science Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Adam Childs '14 Characterization and Structural Analysis of Thiopeptoids as Potential Biological Probes Benjamin Gorske
Noah Gavil '14 Exploring the effects of evolutionarily conserved non-coding DNA on the fitness of flies Michael Palopoli
Lonnie Hackett '14 An Investigation of the protein components within the pathogen stress response pathway of Arabidopsis thaliana Bruce Kohorn
Jennifer Helble '14 An investigation of the mechanism of destruction by mammalian immune cells of azide-labeled Helicobacter pylori Danielle Dube
Imelda Ko '14 Design and Synthesis of an Enantioselective Peptoid Catalyst for Trifluoromethylation Benjamin Gorske
Takahiro Nakamura '14 Design and Synthesis of Enantioselective Peptoid Catalysts for Trifluoromethylation Benjamin Gorske

Maine Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
John Hobbs IV '15 The effects of hormones on auditory dendritic compensatory regeneration of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus Hadley Horch
Megan Massa '14 Rapid Androgenic Effects on Olfactory Response to Prostaglandin F2α (PGF)a Conspecific Ovulatory Pheromone, in Carassius auratus Richmond Thompson
Nina Petersen '14 Testing the function of highly conserved non-coding elements in Drosophila melanogaster Michael Palopoli
Amy Spens '15 Microbial ecology of inanimate surfaces and effects of disturbance. Vladimir Douhovnikoff
Jennifer Stauffer '14 Function of Highly Conserved Non-coding Elements in the tsh region of Drosophila melanogaster Michael Palopoli
Alana Weinstein '15  Measuring ecological mixtures with metagenomic data Jack O'Brien

Maine Space Grant Consortium Fellowship/Women in the Physical Sciences Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Melissa Haskell '13 Localization of an OFDI tethered capsule for unsedated gastrointestinal 3D imaging Dale Syphers

Craig A. McEwen Summer Reasearch Fellowship in Social Sciences
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Luisa LaSalle '14 Educational Success and the Transition to Adulthood for First Generation Rural Students Ingrid Nelson

Patterson/Baird Family Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Rami Stucky Two Pieces for A Capella Robert Greenlee

Rusack Coastal Studies Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Elizabeth Brown '15 Eelgrass Restoration in Local Coastal Ecosystems John Lichter
Johnathon de Villier '14 Progressive effects of eastern dwarf mistletoe (Arcuthobium pusillum) parisitism on white spruce physiology in Maine coastal forests Barry Logan
Christine Hayes '14 Anthropogenic Light Pollution and the Settlement of Benthic Fouling Communities in a Gulf of Maine Ecosystem Trevor Rivers
Ryan Peabody '14 Transport of Coastal Water Masses in the Gulf of Maine: Impacts on Stratification and Phytoplankton Blooms Collin Roesler
Hugh Ratcliffe '15 Optical and Biogeochemical Analysis of Maine Rivers Collin Roesler

Surdna Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Erica Berry '14 The Big Bad "Journey": Exploring Intersections of Myth and Policy for Oregon's Wolves Anthony Walton
Jae Bradley '13 Testing the von Thunen Model: an Analysis of Crops, Soil, and Urban Land Erik Nelson
Charlie Curtis '14 Clearly Queer: Pride and Visibility at Gay Pride Celebrations Sara Dickey
Jordan Goldberg '14 What is to be Held in Common?: Pierre Manent's Philosophy of Liberalism  Paul Franco
Karina Graeter '14 Understanding Magma Production in the Central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand using Quartz Crystal Clusters Rachel Beane
Jonathan Held '14 Conducting a Socio-Ecological Inventory: Boundary-Spanning Organization Development as a New Strategy for Ecosystem Recovery and Resilience John Lichter
Caitlin Hutchinson Maddox '14 The Intertwining of Community and Poetry in Virgil's Eclogues Barbara Boyd
Ariye Krassner '14 A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Danish and American Parent-Child Interaction, Attachment, and Toddler Temperament Sam Putnam
Xiang Li '14 Effect of protein modification on location of an RNA-binding protein in pathogenic yeast Candida albicans Anne McBride
Kevin McDonough '14 The Effect of Rock Composition on Faults and Shear Zones: Case Study of the Norumbega Fault Zone, Mid-Coast Maine Emily Peterman
Tobias Nicholson '14 Rapid Effects of Estadiol on Male Carassius auratus Retinal Visual Processing Rick Thompson
Alexander Pensavalle '14 A Swarm Environment for Experimental Performance and Improvisation Frank Mauceri
Emily Powers '14 Lewiston- Auburn: Short Stories from My Hometown Brock Clarke
Theresa Shirey '14 Chromosome Communication Over Distance: A Study of Transvection in Drosophila melanogaster Jack Bateman
Alexander Tougas '14 Seeking Legitimacy: The Expansion of Global Forest Governance Laura Henry
Lucy Walker '14 Immigrant Faces: Narrative Paintings of Portland Communities Mark Wethli
Walter Wuthmann '14 Road to Nowhere: A Complete History of Maine's East-West Highway Conflict Anthony Walton

Nellie C. Watterson Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Yimin Peng '14 Stella Adler Summer Acting Abigail Killeen

Student Faculty Research Grant Fellowship

Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Cameron Adams '14 The influence of climate on boreal and subarctic peatland carbon dynamics in Manitoba and Labrador, Canada Philip Camill
Ashley Bomboka '16 Wall Associated Kinases and the Stress Response Bruce Kohorn
Sawyer Bowman '15 Social Networking and Social Media Technology in Virtual Collaborative Environments Dhiraj Murthy
Max Bucci '15 Hades:Scanning Kernel Extensions to Trust the Untrustworty Daniela Oliveira
Jane Carpenter '13 Computational Sustainability Mary Lou Zeeman
Mara Chin-Purcell '14 Examining the role of dendrites in stretch feedback pathways in the cardiac ganglion of Homarus Americanus Patsy Dickinson
Elena Crosley '13 Mathematical Modeling of Cod-Alewife Interactions Mary Lou Zeeman
Andrew Daniels '15 An Experimental Analysis of Viewshed Algorithms Laura Toma
Peter Davids '14 Convexity Properties of Diestel-Leader Groups Jennifer Taback
William Dawson, V '13 Automatic Unit Testing on a Large Scale Robot Soccer System Eric Chown
Edward Googins '13 Particle Filter Localization Eric Chown
Anna Hall '15 Investigating Carbon accumulation rates in subarctic peatlands in Labrador, Canada Phil Camill
Rachel Haynes '15 Probing Caldera-Forming Magmatism: Crystal Accumulation in Large, Upper Crustal Silicic Magma Chambers Rachel Beane
Joshua Imhoff '15 RoboCup Soccer:Approaching the Ball Eric Chown
Harry Kalodner '14 Fixing File System TOCTTOU Vulnerabilities Daniela Oliveira
Harry Kalodner '14 Understanding the Need of Loadable Kernel Modules Daniela Oliveira
Sally Kim '14 Thermo Chemical Conversion of Woody Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals Elizabeth Stemmler
Philip Koch '15 Defeating Return-oriented Rootkits Daniela Oliveira
Maxim Kostyk '15 Synthesis of a Phenylphosphabenzene Ligand for the Improvement of a Cobalt based α-Olefin Dimerization Catalyst Richard Broene
Thomas Kramer '15 Coordination of 8-quinolyl-tetramethylcyclopentadiene to Cobalt:A Tailored Ligand Synthesis Richard Broene
Hyunji Lee '14 Analysis of fast pyrolysis oil using LC/MS Elizabeth Stemmler
Danielle Lesser '14 Responses of boreal and subarctic peatlands to climate warning in Manitoba and Labrador, Canada Phil Camill
Jeremy Lewis '13 Studies in Land Use Economics:Land Use Conversion in Indonesia and other topics Erik Nelson
Stephen Lightenberg '15 Mathematics and Climate Research Network Mary Lou Zeeman
Sherry Liu '15 Ligands for the Cobalt-Catalyzed Dimerization of Alpha Olefins Richard Broene
Stephanie Ludy '13 Fish Populations in the Gulf of Maine: A Discrete Population System of Cod and Alewife Mary Lou Zeeman
Stephanie Lynn '14 The Fundy Group of Grand Manan: Sources, Relationships, and Coolong Rates Emily Petermen
Jasmin Mahabamunuge '15 Assessing competitive fitness of post-in vivo Candida albicans isolates Anja Forche
Megan Maher '16 Analysis and Classification of Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Daniela Oliveira
Carolyn Mayer '13 Dynamical Models of Paleoclimate: Oceanic Impact on the Carbon Cycle Mary Lou Zeeman
Marisa McGarry '14 Social Networking and Social Media Technology in Virtual Collaborative Environments Dhiraj Murthy
Malik McKnight '15 Synthesis and Coordination of Isocyanide Ligands to a Cobalt Catalyst to Optimize Dimerization of Linear α-olefins Richard Broene
Benjamin Mende '13 Modular Robotic Vision Eric Chown
Claude Millet '14 Ecological recovery in the Kennebec estuary and nearshore marine environment John Lichter
Nicole Morin '16 Analysis and Classifcation of Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Daniela Oliveira
Jesus Navarro '13 Cross-Layer Defense to Security Vulnerabilities Daniela Oliveira
Nathaniel Niles '15 Ecological recovery in the Kennebec estuary and nearshore marine environment John Lichter
Benjamin Pallant '16 Thionation of Peptoids for Use as Potential Biological Probes Benjamin Gorske
Zizi Pisithkul '13 Allelic diversity of the agglutinin-like sequence (ALS) gene family in the fungal pathogen Candida albicans Anja Forche
Matthew Rasmussen '14 An Analytical Study of the Aging of Biomass Derived Pyrolysis Oils Elizabeth Stemmler
Molly Ridley '14 Carbon Tax Legislation: impacts towards fossil fuel and alternative energy use in the United States Mary Lou Zeeman
Waracharee Srifa '14 Analysis of genome plasticity in Candida albicans due to host-pathogen interactions Anja Forche
Noam Terman '14 Exploring a New Approach for Viewshed Computation Laura Toma
Anna Westervelt '14 Investigating Carbon accumulation rates in subarctic peatlands in Labrador, Canada Phil Camill
Nicholas Wetzel '14 Hades:Scanning Kernel Extensions to Trust the Untrustworthy Daniela Oliveira
Dana White '15 Optical Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Maine Rivers Collin Roesler
Teresa Withee '15 Ecological recovery in the Kennebec estuary and nearshore marine environment John Lichter
Ivy Xing '15 Inferring Trust in Online Social Networks Daniela Oliveira
Sharif Younes '13 Exploring Graph Automaticity and Thompson's Group F Jennifer Taback
Joshua Zalinger '13 Robot Behaviors Eric Chown
Daniel Zeller '15 Achieving a desired heading with mobile robots Eric Chown

Departmental Fellowships for Research

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Scholar
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Kacey Berry '13 Investigating Sema2a's Causative Role in Cricket Compensatory Growth Hadley Horch

Bowdoin Life Sciences Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Maxwell Bearse '14 Analysis of Photosynthetic Tissues and Nitrogen-Use-Efficiency in Genetic Variants of Switchgrass Pancium virgatum Sam Taylor
Adriane Berry '15 Evolution of Duplicated Isozyme Gene Expression Patterns Bill Jackman
Marisa Browning-Kamins '14 The Effect of Anthopogenic Light on Marine Fouling Communities Trevor Rivers
Samuel Burnim '14 Identification of mRNA Transport Protein Complexesin the Pathogenic Yeast Candida albicans Anne McBride
John Butterworth III'14 Analysis of Peptide Fragmentation Using Mass Spectrometry Elizabeth Stemmler
Rebecca Hong '14 Analysis of Nitrogen and Pigment Content in Pancium cirgatum Exhibiting Delayed Development of the Photosynthetic Apparatus Sam Taylor
Joshua Ly '15 Using Microsatellite Analysis to Evaluate the Genetic Population of Feral Cats in Hawaii Vladimir Douhovnikoff
Ilana Mayer-Hirschfeld '14 Investigating the Function of Highly Conserved Non-Coding Elements (HCNE's) in Drosophila meanogaster Jack Bateman
Nicholas Saba '14 Pectin Activiation of WAK Regulated Stress Response in Arabidopsis thaliana Bruce Kohorn
Tamira Vojnar '14 Assessing natural variation in somatic homolog paring in Drosophila melanogaster Jack Bateman
Michael Walsh '16 Functional Implications of Reddening in the Fruit-Bearing Stalks (Peduncles) of the Elderberry (Sambucus sp.) Bary Logan
Thomas Wells '14 Functional Implications of Reddening in the Fruit-Bearing Stalks (Peduncles) of the Elderberry (Sambucus sp.) Vladimir Douhovnikoff
Aubrey Zott '15 Investigating dependence of protein localization on mRNA transport in pathgenic yast C. albicans Anne McBride

Bowdoin Scientific Station Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Sarah Hamilton '16 Bioaccumulations of PSP Toxins Collin Roesler
Emily Hockman '15 Overlap of the Emotional and the Intellectual: Researching the Researchers Elena Cueto-Asin
Cailey Oehler '15 Island Kitchen Damon Gannon
Charlotte Rutty '16 Fiction Inspired by Kent Island Brock Clarke
Aiden Short '15 Manipulating Densities of Snails within the Rocky Intertidal Zone of the Bay of Fundy Damon Gannon
Elisabeth Strayer '15 Articulating Place: A Study of Kent Island Through Writing Brock Clarke
Christine Walder '15 Short-term effects of Ascophyllum nodosum harvesting on ecological community health Damon Gannon

James Stacey Coles Summer Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Dustin Biron '15 The Synthesis of a Catalyst for the Dimerization of Linear alpha-Olefins Richard Broene
Peyton Morss '14 The Photodegradation of Endocrine-Disrupting Hormones in Aqueous Solutions Soren Eustis
Joshua Pondick '14 Ultrafast Cyclic and Linear Sweep Voltammetry at Microelectrodes to Determine the Oxidation Potential of Aniline and its Derivatives Soren Eustis
Robert Rhodes '14 The Degradation of Omeprazole in an Aquatic Environment Soren Eustis

Cooke Environmental Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Ezra Duplissie-Cyr '15 Beauds Art, Inc

Gibbons Summer Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Margaret Bunke '14 Crocker Land Map Genevieve LeMoine
Evan Hoyt '15 Compiling Resources for IDEP241:Gateway to Digital Humanities Eric Chown
Walker Kennedy '15 Rhythmic Patterns of Afro-Latin American Music Michael Birenbaum Quintero
Ruben Martinez, Jr. '15 Using Genetic Programming to Find Expressive Swarm Behaviors For a Swarm-Based Performance System Steve Majercik
Matthew Savard '14 Testing Mobile Computing to enhance learning in the Earth and Oceanographic Science Curriculum Rachel Beane
Gabriela Serrato Marks '15 Extracting Climate Signals from Elemental Data Preserved in Bamboo Corals Michele LaVigne
Michael Smith '16 Historical Census Data Mapping Using GIS Patricj Rael
Natasha Soto '15 Translating Images: Photographs (and Videos) of Young Mothers in Cusco, Peru Krista Van Vleet
Kaylee Wolfe '15 “Kind of a Make-Your-Own Process”: Examining the College Search and Application Process for Educationally Successful Rural Students in Maine Ingrid Nelson


Maine IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellense (INBRE) Summer Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Kathryn Brady '14 Interhost Transmission of the Human Follicle Mite, Demodex brevis Mike Plopoli
James Crimp '13 Exploring the effects of sonic hedgehog signaling on cell proliferation in developing zebrafish dentation Bill Jackman
Mollie Friedlander '14 Sexual differences in functional recovery following injury to the auditory system of the adult cricket Teleogryllus oceanicus Hadley Horch
Katherine Harmon '14 Cellular mechanism meditating stretch feedback in the heart of the American lobster, Homarus americanus Patsy Dickinson
Sunnie Kuna '14 Structural Identification of Helicobacter pylori's Glycoproteins Elizabeth Stemmler
Beatriz Malibiran '14 How does tissue identity affect the occurence of transvection Jack Bateman
David Silverman '15 The effect of trangenic alterations of highly conserved noncoding elements on the teashirt genomic region of Drosophila melanogaster Mike Plopoli
Jeffrey Yu '14 Role of hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Danio rerio Tooth Morphogenesis Bill Jackman


Latin American Studies Research Grant
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Alexandra Fogarty '13 Civilización o barbarie: transformaciones de la figura del gaucho en la literatura argentina de 1845 a 1944 Carolyn Wolfenzon
Elizabeth Gonzalez '15 Prostitution and 'narcocultura': violence, sexuality, and beauty in Colombia Nadia Celis
Christopher Robleto '14 Narratives of Nationalism in Nicaragua: A Multi-Level Study of Nationalism in Managua, Bilwi, and Bluefields Greg Beckett


Lowy Neuroscience Summer Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Nicole Ampatey '16 Identification of Estradiol Membrane Receptor in Carassius Auratus Richmond Thompson
Jepte Benitez '16 Marking Synaptic Sites in Auditory Organ of Gryllus bimaculatus After Deafferentation Hadley Horch
Michael Kang '16 Location of the effect of Homam CLDH in the cardiac pattern generator in Homarus americanus Patsy Dickinson
Zackery Leman '15 Using 6-NBDG to Investigate Rapid Sex Steroid Effects on Neuronal Activity in Carassius auratus Optic Tectum Richmond Thompson
Timothy Locke '14 Testing ΦC31 Integrase Towards Generating a Transgenic GFP Expressing Gryllus bimaculatus Hadley Horch


Clare Boothe Luce Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Phoebe Aron '13 An Investigation of Sedimentary Pyrite as an Indicator of Drought in Mid-Coast Maine Dharni Vasudevan
Emma Cutler '13 Climate Modeling: Interactions Between Temperature, Greenhouse Gases, and Heat Transport Mary Lou Zeeman
Elizabeth Mamantov '13 Aggressive Goalie and Obstacle Avoidance for Robotic Soccer Eric Chown
Helen White '13 Gravity Darkening in Binaries Thomas Baumgarte


McKee Photography Grant
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Maximilian Blomgren '14 Memories and their Distortions Michael Kolster 
Celina Garcia '15 Persistence of Vision Michael Kolster


Mellon Humanities Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Nancy Walker '15 Horiatio Fox Smith archives project Patrick Rael


Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship    
Isaiah Bolden '15
Emily Coin '14
Alexxa Leon '15
Maya Little '15
Golden Owens '15
Andrew Walton '15
Rodolfo Edeza '13
Uchechi Esonu '13
Terranicia Holmes '13
Marble Karuu '14
Hannah Lorastein '13
RaiNesha Miller '13
Isabelle Rodriguez '14
Sarah Siwak '13
Filberto Vargas, Jr.


Mellon Summer Internship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
James Miller '14 Gateway to the Digital Humanities Pamela Fletcher


Paul L. Nyhus Travel Grant
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Eduardo Castro Latino Social Activism in Milwaukee Matthew Klingle


Paller Research Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Zoe Karp '14 Mathematical Modeling of the Lobster Cardiac Ganglion Feedback Mechanism Patsy Dickinson
Isabel Low '13 The role of semaphorin in compensatory growth of the cricket nervous system Hadley Horch
Lauren Skerritt '14 Interaction of crustacean myosuppressin (pQDLDHVFLRFamide) and stretch in the Homarus americanus cardiac muscle Patsy Dickinson
Renee Symonds '13 Understanding the Dynamics of a Network Composed of Intrinsically Different Cells: A Computational Approach Patsy Dickinson
Adam Zhang '14 Quantifying Changes in Semaphorin Expression after Deafferentation in Gryllus Bimaculatus Hadley Horch

A. Raymond Rutan IV Scholarship Award for Summer Study in Theater
Fellow Institute
Evan Horwitz '15 The British American Drama Academy: Midsummer in Oxford
Riley Fellowship
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Collin Burke '14 An Examination of Social Interactions and Behavior at the Bath Skatepark and Teen Center Kelly Fayard
Emma James '13 The Changing Potato Industry in Northern Maine Sara Dickey
Michelle Wiener '14 Social Movements and Intersectionality Ingrid Nelson

Research Fellowship for Women in the Physical Sciences
Fellow Research Project Faculty Mentor
Sunita Chepuri '14 Analyzing Large Data Sets Using Geometric Linear Algebra Thomas Pietraho
Reaha Goyetche '14 Benzylamine as a Probe Compound for Quantifying Cation Exchange to Soils Dharni Vasudevan
Margaret Lammaert '13 Preparation and Coordination Studies of Isocyanides as Potential Ligands for a Cobalt-Based Linear alpha-Olefin Dimerization Catalyst Richard Broene


Scholarship for Summer Study in Dance
Fellow Institute
Arhea Marshall '15 New Waves! Institute, in Trinidad


Funded Internship Programs

Theodore W. Anastopoulos P'79 Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Sage Mikami '15 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Boston, MA
Anita Shaw '14 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Boston, MA

Berkley-Tyre Environmental Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Daniel Lipkowitz '14 MCHT/HHLT
Kiran Pande '15 The Nature Conservancy


Bowdoin College Alumni Council Internship Fund
Fellow Partner
Lauren Skerritt '14  Moores Comprehensive Cancer Center - La Jolla, CA


Community Matters in Maine Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Leah Anderson '15 Community Financial Literacy
Courtney Chuang '15 Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program
Casey Correa '14 ArtVan
Thomas Gawarkiewicz '15 MECEP
Danielle Orchant '14 Mitchell Institute
Olivia Reed '15 Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
Abby Roy '16 Mitchell Institute
Hannah Sturtevant '15 Preble Street
Colin Swords '15 Brunswick Housing Authority

Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Mark Hansen '14 Museum of History and Art - Anchorage, AK

Global Citizens Grant
Fellow Partner
Maggie Acosta  '16 Expand Peru (Huancayo, Peru)
Evan Bulman '16 Salone Enabling and Empowering Development International (SEED) (Kabala, Sierra Leone)
Jefferson Cuartas '14 Beijing LGBT Center (Beijing, China)
William Horne '14 Farmer Community School (Plaboo Village, Thailand)
Marcus Karim '14 Changes for New Hope (Huaraz, Peru)
Marble Karuu '14 Kenya Scholar Athlete Project (Iten, Kenya)


Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund
Fellow Partner
Filipe Camarotti '14 SIA Acoustics - New York, NY
Mitchell Fabricant '14 The Jordan Edminston Group Inc - New York, NY
Thomas Henshall '15 Atayne, Retail Projects Intern - Brunswick, ME
Ziqi Lipkowitz '15 Poly International Auction Co. Ltd. - Beijing, China
Rita Liao '15 Magic Dragon Ltd. - Guangzhou, China
Viet Nguyen '14 City bank Vietnam, Group Risk Management Intern - Hanoi, Vietnam
Eric Ramsay '14 Red Pagoda Resources LLC, Talent Acquisition - Beijing, China
Mintra Srimanchanda '16 Public Debt Management Office, Ministry of Finance - Bangkok, Thailand


Richard B.'62 and Sabra Ladd Government Internship
Fellow Partner
Zachary Morrison '14 Department of Homeland Security, communications intern - Washington, DC
Olivia Raisner '15 Office of the Vice President of the United States - Washington, DC


Logan Environmental Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Emma Chow '15 The Nature Conservancy


Thomas A. McKinley '06 Entrepreneur Grant Fund
Fellow Partner
Lonnie Hackett '14 Communities Without Borders - Lusaka, Zambia


Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Rubi Duran '16 Project Sunshine, Manager of Camp Program at Children's Medical Center - Tuscon, AZ


Preston Public Interest Career Fund
Fellow Partner
Caroline Blake '14 Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project - Portland, ME
Charlotte Dillon '16 Rural and Migrant Ministry - Poughkeepsie, NY
Samuel Eley '15 SOTINI International - Mbakalo, Kenya
Jacqueline Fickes '15 Project Return - Westport, CT
Sierra Frisbie '15 Bike Recycle Vermont - Burlington, VT
Junru Guo '16 Cultivating Community - Portland, ME
Marcella Jimenez '16 Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County - Plano, TX
Dashiel Lora '16 Legal Outreach - New York, NY
Chelsea MacNeil '15 Boys & Girls Club - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Caroline Martinez '16 The St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America - St. Louis, MO
Kirsten Prue '14 Healthy Androscoggin - Lewiston, ME
Mariah Reading '16 University of Maine Museum of Art - Bangor, ME
Madelena Rizzo '14 Long Creek Youth Development Center - S. Portland, ME
Joseph Sherlock '16 Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project - Portland, ME
Jordan Smith '14 Hudson River Park Trust - New York, NY  
Tezin Tsagong '16 Tibetan Women's Association - Dharamsala, India

Psi Upsilon Environmental Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Tyler De Angelis '15 Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust
Emese Gaal '15 City of Bath
Courtney Payne '15 Friends of Casco Bay
Molly Sun '15 Town of Topsham
Emily Tucker '15 KELT
Camille Wasinger '15 Maine Conservation Voters
Tristan Van Kote '15 Town of Brunswick

Psi Upsilon Environmental Justice Fellowship
Fellow Partner
Jada Wensman '15 Cultivating Community

Psi Upsilon Sustainability Fellowship
Fellow Project
Connor Handy '13 Brightfields, LLC

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship
Fellow Research Project
Faith Beigon '14 Ashoka, Innovators for the Public - Washington, DC
Matthew Friendland '15 Voluntario Global - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Kennedy '16 Learning Lab - Garden City, ID
Alexandra Lynds '15 Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine - Old Town, ME
Alithea McFarlane '14 Foundation for Sustainable Development - Jodhpur, India
Clare McLaughlin '15 Shelburne Farms - Shelburne, VT
Caroline Moore '14 Harvard School of Public Health, Prevention Research Center - Boston, MA
Taylor Vail Tufts University, Jean Mayer US Department of Agriculture, Energy Metabolism Laboratory - Boston, MA