Grua/O'Connell Research Award

Application Deadline: September 28, 2012 at noon.

Description. In 2007 Peter J. Grua ’76 and Mary G. O’Connell ’76 generously created an endowed fund to support, regardless of discipline, faculty-mentored student research.  Awards from this fund will support student travel that will substantially enhance students’ honors projects or research being conducted under the mentorship of a faculty member (e.g., travel to library/archive or to another location to conduct research, or travel to a conference to present results).  Awards from this fund may also be used to defray students’ research expenses such as purchasing of books and equipment, publishing research results, or any combination of these expenses.

Eligibility. Seniors may apply; however, preference will be given to returning students.

Application Process. Scholarly mentoring is crucial for a positive research fellowship experience. Interested students are encouraged to talk with faculty early in the process so that they can identify a faculty member who will be available and willing to mentor the student throughout the fellowship period.

Complete application forms for the Grua/O'Connell Research Award must be submitted by noon on the day indicated above, to the Office of Student Fellowships and Research. Late applications will not be accepted, so please plan accordingly. 

Selection Criteria. Members of the Internal Fellowships Committee review applications and base their award decisions on the following:

  • the quality of the proposed project and the candidate's narrative description,
  • the extent to which the proposed project meets the aims of the Grua/O'Connell Research Award,
  • the candidate's academic record, particular interests and competence,
  • the faculty mentor's letter of recommendation, and
  • the extent to which the faculty-student mentor relationship is described and appropriate to the project.

Award. Grua/O’Connell Student Research Awards can be used in conjunction with other sources of funding from the College (e.g., a College-awarded fellowship) or external sources (e.g., a faculty grant); however, preference will be given to applicants without other sources of funding.  Normally, these awards will not exceed $2,000, and the College anticipates making eight awards during the fall 2011 selection process.