Funded Internships

funded internshipsfunded internshipsfunded internships

Funded Internship Programs are made possible to current Bowdoin students thanks to the generosity of several donors. These grants and fellowships allow students to pursue summer work experiences that would not otherwise be paid. Please contact the appropriate department for more information related to these sources of funding.

Program Award Details
Davis Projects for Peace invites all students to design grassroots projects that to be implemented during the summer that advances world peace. Two Bowdoin student projects will be judged and the most promising will be submitted to the Davis Project. Winners will receive $10,000 to implement their project. 
Goodfriend Grant, Robert S. No more than $5,000 to encourage students to pursue summer internships that will increase student exposure to the business world. 
Ladd Government Internship No more than $5,000 for students pursuing an unpaid summer internship in the U.S. government or a national public policy institute. 
McKinley Summer Entrepreneurial/Community Service Grant No more than $5,000 for students pursuing entrepreneurial experience or community service projects of their own design. 
Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Fellowship No more than $4,000 to support students committed to enhancing social justice by serving the needs of the underserved and disadvantaged through policy making, direct service, or community organizing.
Preston Public Interest Career Fund $4,000 to intern for social service agencies, legal service organizations, humanitarian organizations, public education or similar organizations during the summer. Students must work at least 350 hrs.
Community Matters in Maine Psi Upsilon and Logan Fellowships 10 week stipend for students pursuing internships with Maine environmental non-profit organizations or government agencies.
Psi Upsilon Sustainability and Environmental Justice Fellowship  10 week, $4,000 for students working with agencies, organizations or businesses in exploring the topics of sustainability and environmental justices. 
Community Matters in Maine 10 week stipend for students pursuing internships with Maine non-profit organizations addressing issues of social/civic concern.
Global Citizens Grant Supports independently designed summer volunteer and public service projects undertaken outside the US and which provide direct service to the local community. Grants of up to $2,500 cover the cost of travel and living expenses for 8 to 10 weeks.