Watterson Summer Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts

Phase One Application Deadline: Monday, February 15, 2016 at noon
Phase Two Application Deadline: Monday, February 29, 2016 at noon

Description.  The Nellie C. Watterson Summer Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts was established in 2007 by Paul and Jennifer Korngiebel, classes of '88 and '87 respectively, to honor Professor William Watterson and his mother. The Watterson Summer Fellowship is designed to foster summer research and learning by students in the creative and performing arts. This may be accomplished through faculty-mentored and/or structured training in the creative or performing arts (including music, theater and dance, the fine arts, creative writing, and film studies). Fellowship recipients may study under the direction of a Bowdoin faculty member; however, opportunities that cannot be adequately replicated under the direction of a Bowdoin faculty member, yet are deemed essential to a student's academic program, may also be undertaken with support from this fellowship. Examples of such opportunities include, but are not limited to, participation in major summer festivals, pre-professional training, or internships.

Eligibility.  First-years, sophomores, and juniors may apply.  Current seniors are ineligible.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Scholarly mentoring is crucial for a positive research fellowship experience. Interested students are encouraged to talk with faculty early in the process so that they can identify a faculty member who will be available and willing to mentor the student throughout the fellowship period.

Students can apply online for the Watterson with a two-phase online application. To access the application, click here.

Please be reminded that Bowdoin’s Honor Code applies to the fellowship application process.

PHASE ONE APPLICATION:  The phase one online application (see deadline above) will require you (the student) to provide:

  • student name and e-mail address
  • contact information for your faculty mentor
  • an uploaded PDF of your unofficial academic history from Polaris
  • and uploaded PDF of a brief paragraph describing your proposed project (This description will not be used in the final review process; it is solely for the purpose of conveying your project idea to your mentor.)

When you submit your phase one online application, your mentor will receive an e-mail explaining how to upload your letter of support by the phase two deadline, and you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the phase two application.  The phase one deadline pertains to student applicants only; the letter of support from your faculty mentor is due by the phase two deadline.   If you have any problems or questions, please contact Corey Colwill.

If you are even considering applying for a Watterson fellowship, you are encouraged to submit a phase one application.  You can withdraw from the process by contacting Corey Colwill and your faculty mentor.  There is no need to complete a phase two application if you are no longer interested in being considered for an institutional research fellowhsip. 

PHASE TWO APPLICATION:  The phase two online application will ask you to:

  • Answer questions about your disciplinary standing with the College and study away status
  • Provide your project title and faculty mentor's contact information
  • Upload your project description, which should not exceed two single-spaced typewritten pages, and should include:
    • A description of the disciplinary context of your proposed project and its focus (i.e., the questions, ideas, and/or works that you plan to examine and why)
    • A description of the methodology you will employ to carry out your project, including an explanation of how you will use your time
    • A description of how you have prepared yourself to undertake your proposed project such as previous coursework, reading, research paper(s), etc.
    • A description of how your project will enhance your major and contribute to your future plans
  • Upload a PDF of your budget and budget justification 

Additionally, faculty mentors will be expected to email their letters of recommendation to Corey Colwill (ccolwill@bowdoin.edu) by the phase two deadline.

Please note that there is limited funding available, and the application pool is extremely competitive. As a result, the Internal Student Fellowships Committee has to make very difficult decisions, resulting in some strong applications being left unfunded. An application, however, will be more competitive if it adheres to the following guidelines.

Selection Criteria. Members of the Internal Fellowships Committee review applications and base their award decisions on the following:

  • the quality of the proposed project and the candidate's narrative description
  • the extent to which the proposed project meets the aims of the Watterson Summer Research Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts
  • the candidate's academic record, particular interests and competence
  • the faculty mentor's letter of recommendation
  • the extent to which the faculty-student mentor relationship is described and appropriate to the project

Award.  For the spring 2016 cycle, the Internal Student Fellowships Committee anticipates making one award for no more than $3000.

Examples of opportunities that can be supported by a Watterson Summer Fellowship include, but are not limited to, participation in major summer festivals, pre-professional training, or internships.  The award may be used for any combination of travel expenses, tuition costs related to a formal training program, instruction fees, or a stipend for the Fellow.