Goldsmith-Adams Research Award

Motivated by her own transformative experience traveling to Asia as a Bowdoin student, Jennifer Goldsmith Adams ’90, along with her husband Ben Adams P'21, generously created an endowed fund in 2003 to support student travel and research in Asian Studies.  The Goldsmith Adams Research Award will support students’ academic summer experiences in Asia.  Funds can support student travel that will (1) substantially enhance a student’s honors project or research remotely mentored by a Bowdoin faculty member or (2) allow a student to participate in a summer language program based in Asia.  In some instances, when the link to the student’s academic program is evident, this award could also be used to support an unpaid internship in Asia.  Given the intent of the gift, preference will be given to students who have not lived in Asia and who wish to spend time in China. 

Eligibility. First-years, sophomores, and juniors may apply. Current seniors are ineligible. Preference will be given to students (1) who have not previously lived in Asia, (2) who wish to spend time in China, and (3) whose proposed Goldsmith Adams projects will substantially enhance their honors projects or research remotely mentored by a Bowdoin faculty member.

Applications from students wishing to conduct research or participate in a language program in China are preferred; however, applications involving travel to the following countries in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia are eligible.

East Asia
•   China
•   Hong Kong
•   Japan
•   Korea
•   Taiwan

South Asia
•   Bangladesh
•   India
•   Nepal
•   Pakistan
•   Sri Lanka

Southeast Asia
•   Brunei
•   Cambodia
•   East Timor
•   Laos
•   Malaysia
•   Myanmar/Burma
•   Philippines
•   Singapore
•   Thailand
•   Vietnam


The College anticipates making one award for summer 2018 not to exceed $5000. Funding from this award can be used to defray expenses the student incurs related to travel to, research in, or participation in a language program in Asia; as a stipend; or any combination.