Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship Program

Created by the initiative of Bowdoin College faculty, and supported by generations of philanthropic Bowdoin graduates, the Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship Program recognizes and honors students who have achieved excellence in their academic work, rank high in secondary school performance, bring special talents to enrich the College, and have demonstrable superior intellectual skills to contribute to their discipline of choice.  

Successful candidates are notified prior to matriculation at Bowdoin. Scholars are awarded $3,000 to be used at any time during their tenure with the College to pursue non-credit-bearing enrichment opportunities such as research, independent study, career-related internships, and service learning or community engagement. Awards are typically used during a winter, spring or summer vacation period, but scholars may also elect to use these funds during a study abroad semester or year away from the College.

Importantly, awards may only be accessed by scholars who have enrolled and are actively engaged in academic work at the College. Those on disciplinary, voluntary, academic, or medical leave of absence do not qualify.

If you received a Faculty Scholarship prior to matriculating at Bowdoin and would like access to your award, please submit the following application materials to Corey Colwill in the Center for Co-Curricular Opportunities, either in person (Moulton Union 116A) or by email (, at least six weeks before the start date of the experience.

- Application Form (access the application form here).

- One-page proposal explaining how this academic and intellectual experience will enhance your educational goals at Bowdoin and beyond.

- Itemized budget detailing how these funds will be used, such as for travel expenses, room and board, supplies, equipment, etc.

The Center for Co-Curricular Opportunities will review applications and notify students within two weeks of submission. Our office must approve each Faculty Scholar’s proposal before they can embark on the educational experience. If approved, funds will be distributed either as direct deposit or in the form of a check. Applicants may specify their preference for payment on the application form.

At the completion of the experience all Faculty Scholars are expected to write a one‐page reflection essay about their experience. Please confer with Corey Colwill ( about the requirements for the reflection essay.