National Fellowship Recipients By Award

Austrian English Teaching Assistantship Huntington Public Service Award
Beinecke Scholarship Japan Exchange and Teaching Grant
Boren Scholarship Keasbey Scholarship
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship Marshall Scholarship
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Critical Language Scholarship National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship Princeton in Africa
DAAD InternXchange Princeton in Asia
DAAD Undergraduate Study Scholarship Princeton in Latin America
DACOR Fellowship Rhodes Scholarship
Davis Projects for Peace Grant St. Andrew's Society Scholarship
Deutscher Bundestag International Parliamentary Study (ISP) Truman Scholarship
Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Udall Scholarship
Fulbright Study/Research Watson Fellowship
Goldwater Scholarship

Austrian English Teaching Assistantship
Award Year Fellow Country
2018 Kate Berkley '18 Austria
2016 Marina Marlens '16 Austria
2016 Anna Piotti '16 Austria
2013 Dechan Dalrymple '13 Austria
2013 Kenzie Novak '12 Austria
2012 Derek Brooks '12 Austria
2012 Zachary Crawford '12 Austria
2012 Nicholas Powell '12 Austria
2011 Julia Littlefield '11 Austria
2011 Kara Wilson '11 Austria
2010 Keri Forbringer '10 Austria

Award Year
Fellow Study
2018 Sydney To '19 Analyze violence and victim-spectator relationships, as represented in Vietnam War literatures.
2013 Kiersten King '14 Investigating the archaeological and historical evidence for the role of marginalized groups of the ancient Mediterranean
2011 Sean McElroy '12 Studying the relationship between religion and physics
2007 Rebecca Genauer '08 Pursuing graduate degree  in film studies with a focus on silent films

Boren Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2018 Joe Hilleary '20 Building both his language skills and knowledge of North Africa's cultural and political climate
2017 Isabel Udell '19 Studying Hindi at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and then in Jaipur, India during the summer and fall
2014 Evan Bulman '16 Choice of dialects in media and its effects on perception of purpose


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship
Award Year Fellow Study
2015   Will Ossoff '15 Studying the research of leading nuclear policy experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals
Award Year Fellow Study
2013 Jeremy Lewis '13 Studying statistics and interning for a digital marketing agency


Critical Language Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2018 Sarah Bashir '20 Arabic
2018 Ali Briere '20 Arabic
2018 Gerlin Leu '19
2018 Liam Nicoll '18 Arabic
2017 Sarah Bashir '20 Persian
2017 Daniel Castro Bonilla '17 Chinese
2017 Lisa MacKenzie '17 Arabic
2016 Sinead Lamel '15 Arabic
2016 Ivette Pala '16 Russian
2016 Nicholas Tonckens '16 Russian
2015 Kevin Mackenzie '15 Chinese
2014 Maya Little '15 Chinese
2012 Sarah Siwak '13 Russian


DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2012 Ellen Kimball '11
2010 Erica Ehrhardt '10 M.A. in Neuroscience in Munich, Germany

DAAD Undergraduate Study Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2018 Killian Dickson '20 Study the dynamical response of electron spins in magnetic materials to external stimulus.
2018 Owen Tuck '20 Research the organic synthesis of photoreactive ligands at the University of Hamburg's state of the art DESY facility.
2013 Christopher Gravallese '14
2009 Rebecca Silva '11 Rebecca's research project focused on the idea of "livability for whom" at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.


DAAD InternXchange
Award Year Fellow Study
2012 Samuel Frizell '12
DACOR Fellowship
Award Year Fellow Study
2008 Anna Remillard '08 Pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania
Davis Projects for Peace Grant
Award Year Fellow Study
2017 Aneka Kazlyna '20
2016 Caroline Martinez '16 Leadership training for women in Ecuador
2015 Scott Mitchell II '15 Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania
2014 Lonnie Hackett '14 Public Health for Children in Zambia
2013 Apekshya Prasai '16
2012 Kristopher Klein '12 Building Schools in Uganda
2011 Mariya Ilyas '13 Journalism Project in Pakistan

Deutscher Bundestag Parliamentary Scholarship (ISP)
Award Year Fellow Study
2012 Bryce Ledner '11

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship
Award Year Fellow Country
2018 Peter Benson '18 Indonesia
2018 Daniel Castro Bonilla '17 Taiwan
2018 Julia Conley '18 Nepal
2018 Lillian Eckstein '18 Spain
2018 Kimberly Gilmore '16 Colombia
2018 Ben Ginzberg '18 Taiwan
2018 Jake Griffin '18 Germany
2018 Sabina Hartnett '18 Germany
2018 John Layman '18 Germany
2018 Ellice Lueders '18 Germany
2018 Jude Marx '18 Mexico
2018 Kiki Nakamura-Koyama '17 Indonesia
2018 Carina Spiro '18 Malaysia
2018 Dia Su '18 Taiwan
2017 Charlie Campbell-Decock '17 Germany
2017 Juliet Eyraud '16 Peru
2017 Rob Gaines '17 Sri Lanka
2017 Ana Garcia-Moreno '17 Mexico
2017 Natalie Kiley-Bergen '17 Malaysia
2017 Casey Krause '17 Germany
2017 Jodi Kraushar '17 Germany
2017 Caroline Montag '17 Germany
2017 Esther Nunoo '17 South Africa
2017 Emma Roberts '17 India
2017 Emily Saldich '17 Germany
2017 Amanda Spiller '17 Mexico
2017 Roger Tejada '14 Brazil
2017 Madison Wolfert '17 Germany
2016 Julia Binswanger '16 Germany
2016 Kenny Cortum '16 Bulgaria
2016 Talia Cowen '16 South Korea
2016 Kelsey Freeman '16 Mexico
2016 David Jimenez '16 Romania
2016 Bridget Kranz '16 Slovak Republic
2016 Michelle Kruk '16 Poland
2016 Mark Richter '15 Germany
2016 Lily Susman '16 Taiwan
2015 Hannah Arrighi '15 Turkey
2015 Matthew Friedland '15 Taiwan
2015 Jenny Goetz '15 Russia
2015 Caitlin Greenwood '15 Germany
2015 Will Horne '14 Laos
2015 Mariya Ilyas '13 Pakistan
2015 Teresa Liu '15 Spain
2015 Clare McLaughlin '15 Indonesia
2015 Andrea Noble '15 Ecuador
2015 Anna Nutter '11 Ukraine
2015 Cailey Oehler '15 Colombia
2015 Brandon Ouellette '15 Germany
2015 Eli Peirce '15 Sri Lanka
2014 Mollie Friedlander '14 Spain
2014 Yoni Held '14 Bangladesh
2014 Sam King '14 Sri Lanka
2014 Duncan Taylor '14 Panama
2013 Samantha Burns '13 Turkey
2013 Daniel Ertis '13 Greece
2013 Uchechi Esonu '13 Croatia
2013 RaiNesha Miller '13 Indonesia
2013 Erin St. Peter '13 Senegal
2012 Laura Armstrong '12 Costa Rica
2012 Elijah Garrard '12 Argentina
2012 Daniel Jeong '12 Korea
2011 Will Cogswell '11 Columbia
2011 Chester Eng '11 Germany
2011 Ellen Kimball '11 Germany
2010 John Lehman '10 Germany
2010 Scott Nebel '09 Germany
2010 Alexandra Reed '10 Uruguay
2010 Taylor White '07 Norway
2010 Leslie Wittenbraker '06 Dominican Republic
2009 Jessica Lian '09 Hong Kong
2009 Kerry Person '09 Indonesia
2009 Theresa Weaver '09 Germany
2009 Kathryn Yankura '08 Germany
2008 Amy Ahearn '08 Malaysia
2008 Grace Park '08 Korea
2007 Jordan Krechmer '07 Germany
2007 Andrew Macdonald '07 Austria
2007 Hillary Pietricola '07 Germany
2006 Julia Bach South Korea
2006 Ben Cope-Kasten Germany
2006 Philip Friedrich Sri Lanka
2006 Benjamin Kreider Germany
2006 Jonah Popp South Korea
2006 Joel Presti Germany
2006 Whitney Rauschenbach Germany
2006 Anna Troyansky France
2006 Ashleigh Watson Germany
2006 Nicole Wilson Slovakia


Fulbright Study/Research
Award Year Fellow Study Country
2018 Genevieve de Kervor '18 Study zebrafish olfactory development with Dr. Kathleen Whitlock at the University of Valparaiso. Chile
2018 Ben Torda '18 Ten months at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, Germany, working in the Plasma Technology Group. Germany
2017 Michael Amano '17 Studying the transmission of trauma as it relates to survivors and descendants of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima Japan
2017 Erin Houlihan '17 Studying swimming responses of different marine taxa to ocean acidification New Zealand
2017 Hannah Miller '17 Exploring changes in alpine landscape development in rapidly retreating glacial ecosystems Switzerland
2017 Luis Rico '17 Investigating shifts in Germany policies and integration practices for refugees and asylum seekers Germany
2017 Liza Tarbell '17 Researching the environmental history of Dianchi lake in Yunnan Province China
2016 Lloyd Anderson '16 Reconstructing the geography and extent of meltwater from North America during the last deglaciation Germany
2016 Hannah Sherman '15 Researching Latin American economic development in Mexico City Mexico
2016 Tenzin Tsagong '16 Studying ethnic Tibetan migrants in Chengdu's Wuhou district China
2015 Luke Drabyn '15 Investigating how organizations can best cooperate to prevent human trafficking Ukraine
2015 Ian Kline '15 Researching H. pylori in Erlangen, Germany Germany
2015 Margaret Lindeman '15 Researching Antarctic sea ice-ocean interaction Germany
2015 Eric Yoon '15 Researching colon cancer and possible drug regimens and treatment options South Korea
2014 Megan Massa '14 Studying Multiple Sclerosis cells' responses to testosterone treatment Germany
2014 Viola Rothschild '14 Investigating Chinese governments' responses to African immigration China
2013 David Bernstein '13 Luxembourg
2013 Kacey Berry '13 Neuroscience research at Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology Germany
2013 Jacob Blum '13 Italy
2013 Emma Cutler '13 Studying the environmental impact of agriculture in the hill country of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2013 Adam Rasgon '13 Participating in intensive Arabic immersion program at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad Egypt
2011 Sarah Powers '11 Neuroscience research at University of Rennes France
2010 Jamil Wyne '08 Studying the challenges young entrepreneurs face and how to overcome Syria
2009 Charles Stern '09 Daoist History and philosophy at Sichuan University China
2009 Jimmy Lindsay '09 Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
2008 Andrew Steltzer '08 Studying the Japanese English language education system Japan
2007 Dawn Riebeling '07 Research on the coordination process behind the European Consensus on Development in Brussels Belgium
2007 Karen Tang '07 Exploring the causes of rising mature divorce rates Japan
2007 JaeIn Lee '06 Studying social and cultural changes brought about by Korean immigration to Argentina Argentina
2007 Mara Partridge '05 Intern at Mexican company and attending business school Mexico


Fulbright STEM
Award Year Fellow Study
2013 Elena Crosley '13


Goldwater Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2017 Drew Prescott '18 (Honorable Mention) Interested in high performance computing and energy efficient technologies
2017 Sam Swain '18 (Honorable Mention) Studying at the Math in Moscow program in Russia during the fall 2017 semester
2016 Liam Taylor '17  Investigating the population biology of tree swallows and savannah sparrows
2016 Peter Cohen '17 (Honorable Mention)
2015 Emily King '16 (Honorable Mention)
2014 Margaret Lindemann '15 (Honorable Mention)
2013 Adam Childs '14 (Honorable Mention)
2013 Soichi Hirokawa '14 (Honorable Mention) Interested in alternative energy research
2013 Ellis Ratner '14 Focusing on localization, mapping, and planning algorithms for autonomous robots
2011 Alexander Williams '12 Studying physiological basis for human behavior
2010 Molly Kwaitkowski '11 Plans to study therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's Disease
2010 Shannon Ulery '11 Plans to conduct research in number theory with applications to cryptography
2007 Johannes Strom '09 Strom will pursue his interest in visual soccer goal recognition on a Sony four-legged robot through the global Robocup competition

Award Year Fellow Study
2014 Lonnie Hackett '14 Healthcare to Zambian children in Lukasa

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
Award Year Fellow
2018 Ethan Barkalow '18
2018 Brigitte McFarland '18
2017 Justin Ehringhaus '16
2017 Chris Gys '17
2016 Katherine Carter '16
2016 Michael Colbert '16
2016 Robert Hughes '13
2013 Carolyn Barber '13
2013 Kim Lacey '13
2013 Ruiqi Tang '13
2012 Shazeda Ahmed'12 (declined award)
2009 Matthew Gray '09
2009 Samantha Scully '09
2009 Ikumi Crocoll '09
2008 Robert Rezvani '08
2008 Kenneth Akiha '08

Keasbey Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2016 Haley Miller '16 Pursuing a M.Sc. in Science and Religion and a second M.Sc. in Art in the Global Middle Ages at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Haley hopes to use analytical chemistry to analyze medieval art in order to better understand the interactions between different medieval religious groups or to help repatriate objects displaced by current religious conflict in the Middle East.
2013 Katie Kinkel '13 (declined award)
2010 Tenzing Lama '10 Tenzing will earn an M.Sc. degree in pathology at the University of Oxford, researching the molecular mechanisms of the antigenic variation process in parasites
2007 Mary Hartley Platt '07 Platt plans to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature at Balliol College at the University of Oxford

Marshall Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Study
2017 Bill De La Rosa '16 Studying for two master's degrees in Migration Studies as well as Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Oxford
2015 Linda Kinstler '13 Contributing editor at Politico, based in Brussels

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Award Year Fellow Study
2017 Sasha Kramer '16 Ph.D. student in marine science at UC Santa Barbara, working on a project linking in situ measurements of surface ocean phytoplankton community structure to remote sensing observation
2017 Margaret Lindeman '15 Ph.D. student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, studying ice-ocean interactions in Greenland's fjords

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Award Year Fellow
2018 Megan Massa '14
2018 Jake Spertus '15
2018 Liam Taylor '17
2017 Althea Cavanaugh '13
2017 Sara Hamilton '16
2017 Stephanie Schmiege '10
2016 Isaiah Bolden '15
2016 Megan Freiberger '16
2016 Kit Hamley '10
2016 Sheela Turbek '13
2015 Melissa Haskell '13
2015 Gabriela Serrato Marks '15
2015 Van Nhat Tra '13
2014 La'Shaye Ervin '12
2014 Elizabeth Mamantov '13
2014 Claire Williams '10
2013 Rachel Eveleth '11
2013 Larissa Gaias '11
2013 Lauren Withey '06
2012 Alex Carpenter '10
2012 Sara Luppino '10
2011 Evan Fricke '11
2011 Cassandra Benckwitt '08
2011 Karen LaRocque '07
2011 Morgan MacLead '09
2011 Danielle Marias '10
2011 Liza Shoenfeld '09

Princeton in Africa
Award Year Fellow Topic
2016 Alex Cheston '16 Working for a firm that builds infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa and spending part of his time marketing solar home systems to unelectrified communities on Lake Victoria
2016 Shan Nagar '16 Working in rural Kenya with Nyumbani Village, an organization that is home to roughly 1,000 children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, assisting with sustainability initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, and agroforestry
2016 Emma Patterson '16 Working for the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania in rural Monduli, Tanzania, serving as the Scholarship Communications Coordinator and the Life Skills teacher
2015 Kendall Carpenter '15
2013 James Henry '13 Spending a year in Ethiopia teaching classes and participating in various medical projects
2013 Eliza Warren-Shriner '13
2010 Jamie Nadeau '10 Will be working at a Zambia organization that provides scholarships and mentoring

Princeton in Asia
Award Year Fellow Topic
2017 Natalie Reid '17 Teaching English to elementary school children in the small coastal village of Bangsak, Thailand
2017 Walt Wuthmann '14
2016 Will Danforth '16 Working as an analyst at the Mongolian International Capital Corporation, using finance to help local entrepreneurs and businesses
2014 Evan Gershkovich '14 Journalism in Thailand
2013 Lydia Singerman '13 Teaching English in an elementary school in Thailand
2012 Chantal Croteau '12 Teaching and tutoring English in a high school in Thailand
2010 Steven Thomas '10 Teaching English in a high school in Thailand
2010 Feng Simon '10 Will work for the Institute for Sustainable Communities in Shanghai, China

Princeton in Latin America
Award Year Fellow Topic
2018 Jonah Watt '18 Community education and development
2015 Claudia Villar-Leeman '15

Rhodes Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2009 William J. Oppenheim III '09 William plans to pursue a master of science in comparative and international education at the University of Oxford
St. Andrew's Society Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2014 Sam Burnim '14
Truman Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2018 Mohamed Nur '19 Mohamed’s long-term plan is to pursue a dual JD/MA in international conflict resolution and security policy.
2015 Bill De La Rosa '16 Bill hopes to use his Truman Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Policy
2014 Hannah Sherman '15 Hannah plans to earn an MBA and enter the international development field to focus on micro-finance for women in Latin America
2013 Lonnie Hackett '14 After earning an M.D./M.P.H. degree, Lonnie plans to practice medicine abroad and work on global health policy
2010 Kyle Dempsey '11 After earning an M.D./M.P.H. degree, Kyle plans to combine a clinical practice with policy work aimed at providing equal healthcare access for all people

Udall Scholarship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2014 Margaret Lindeman '15 Margaret is committed to studying climate change in an interdisciplinary way and plans to be a professor.
2013 Erica Berry '14
2012 Shannon Grimes '14
2012 Sheela Turbek '13
2011 Andrew Cushing '12 Andrew is especially interested in historic preservation as a sustainable approach to combating climate change and sprawl
2011 Teona Williams '12 The Udall Scholarship recognizes Teona's successful efforts to support African Americans' engagement with nature and her vision to create a future that includes greater diversity within the environmental movement
2010 Krista Bahm '11
2010 Maina Handmaker '11
2006 Ruth Morrison '07

Watson Fellowship
Award Year Fellow Topic
2018 Nevan Swanson '18 Explore the tension and connection between documenting and experiencing.
2017 Mariely Garcia '17 Exploring the ways in which marginalized parts of people's identities, such as gender, sexuality, and legal status, affect their experiences accessing healthcare
2016 Tess Hamilton '16  Exploring how people around the world make home in harmony with the surrounding landscape and community
2015 Phui Yi Kong '15 Study martial arts and physical theater's ability to awaken civic responsibility
2014 Rodrigo Bijou '14 Hacker spaces around the world, cybersecurity, privacy
2014 Alex Marecki '14 The psychology of soccer and its uses for youth development and empowerment
2013 S. David Bruce '13 "Depicting Cities and Climate Change: Threats, Response, and Outcome in the Face of Environmental Disaster"
2012 Teona Williams '12 "A Search for Playtime: Understanding the Meaning of Nature Among Marginalized Groups"
2011 Josh Magno '11 "5, 6, 7, 8, Instep, Outreach: An Exploration of Dance as Community Service"
India, Uganda, Egypt, France, the United Kingdom, Argentina
2010 Sarah Ebel '10  "In Motion with the Ocean: Environmental Education in Coastal Communities"
2010 Skye Lawrence '10 "Public Health Projects: Searching For Sustainability"
2009 Max Goldstein '07 "Swimming Around the World: Creating Bridges between Communities"
2008 Steve Holleran '08 Steve plans to make a documentary about devastations in fish populations by visiting New Zealand, Tonga, and Chile
2007 Cotton Estes '07 "'Only That Endures Which Changes:' Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Sites"
2007 Nikolai von Keller '07 Nikolai plans to travel to Chile, Peru, Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago to study the effect of place upon poetry
2006 Andrew Fulton '06 "Of Emus and Fairywrens: Photographing Australia's Endemic Birds"
2006 Rebecca Selden '06 "Sea Turtle Ecotourism: Impacting Human and Turtle Populations"
Cayman Islands, Brazil, Australia and Sri Lanka