2012-2013 National Fellowship Award Winners

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Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
Beinecke Scholarship Keasbey Scholarship
CBYE for Young Professionals NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
DAAD Summer Study Grant Princeton in Africa
Davis Projects for Peace Princeton in Asia
Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship          Truman Scholarship
Fulbright Study/Research Grant Udall Scholarship
Fulbright STEM Grant Watson Fellowship
Goldwater Scholarship  

Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship

Dechan DalrympleDechan Dalrymple '13
Dechan graduated as a German and environmental studies double major. With her Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship she will be working as an English teaching assistant for an agricultural boarding school in the small town of Wieselburg (a little over an hour west of Vienna). She looks forward to this experience after having enjoyed working as an English tutor in the University of Tubingen during her year abroad as well as having worked as a teaching assistant for the German Department. Having already studied for a summer in Vienna, she is eager to explore the rest of Austria and learn more about Austrian culture. (Read More)

Kenzie NovakKenzie Novak '12
During her time at Bowdoin, Kenzie double majored in German and psychology.  Last summer, she received a Preston Public Interest Career Fund grant from Bowdoin, in which she worked at a residential treatment program for youth, ages 12-18. With her award, she will travel to Waidhofen an der Ybbs, a small town in lower Austria. From mid-September to May, she will teach English to students at two different high schools. (Read More)


Beinecke Scholarship

Kiersten KingKiersten King '14
Kiersten, a classical archaeology and anthropology major, was one of twenty juniors selected nationwide to receive the Beinecke Scholarship, which will provide $34,000 towards her graduate education. In her research, Kiersten is currently investigating the archaeological and historical evidence for the role of marginalized groups, including women, working classes, foreigners, and the ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities of the ancient Mediterranean. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Ph.D in Mediterranean archaeology. (Read More

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals 

Jeremy LewisJeremy Lewis '13
Jeremy coupled an economics major with a mathematics minor during his time at Bowdoin. He will spend a year in Germany as a U.S. participant in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX). After two months of intensive language study, he will move to Berlin, where he will take statistics classes and intern for Razorfish, a digital marketing agency. After CBYX, Lewis hopes to attend a master’s program in applied statistics. (Read More)

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Undergraduate Study Scholarship 

Christopher GravalleseChristopher Gravallese '14
Chris, who is pursuing a double major in German and government and legal studies as well as a minor in economics, will travel to the University of Heidelberg in Germany for intensive German language classes to enhance his spoken and written German skills.  He also plans to travel around the country and immerse himself in the culture.  This experience will provide an ideal foundation for the German independent study he plans to complete during the 2013-2014 academic year. 

Davis Projects for Peace 

Apekshya PrasaiApekshya Prasai '16
A first year international student from Nepal and a prospective mathematics and government major, Apekshya Prasai has been awarded funding to run a summer program with Nepali street boys.  She will be conducting a multi-faceted summer program that will engage the participants in experiences that will be therapeutic, educational as well as fun. The program will be an attempt to equip the participants with skills they can use to translate their experiences into words and eventually spread awareness of their plight and seek justice. Hence, the program will offer sessions on art, photography, acting and productive use of social media. (Read More

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

Samantha BurnsSamantha Burns '13
Samantha graduated with a double major in English and government. A leader in the Outing Club, her adventurous spirit has led her to an English Teaching Assistantship in Turkey. While in Turkey, Samantha will teach English at a University and, having studied classical, jazz, and composition piano from childhood, informally share her love of music. After her Fulbright experience, Samantha hopes to pursue a career in academia. (Read more and visit Sam's Blog

Daniel ErtisDaniel Ertis '13
A classical studies major and an English minor, Daniel looks forward to combining his academic interests with his passion for education when teaching at the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF) outside of Athens. Having worked as both a Writing Assistant and a member of the Residential Life staff while at Bowdoin, Daniel plans to expand on his passions for language and community, hoping that his time at HAEF will provide a stimulating intellectual environment and a unique leadership experience. Upon completion of his ETA, Daniel will pursue either secondary or higher education teaching opportunities. (Read More)

Uchechi EsonuUchechi Esonu '13
While at Bowdoin, Uchechi double majored in government and legal studies and Eurasian and East European studies. Her junior year she traveled to the Balkans, and, with her Fulbright award, plans to return to teach English. Already having learned Serbian and Russian, she plans to study Croatian and participate in stimulating cross-cultural exchanges. As well, Uchechi will be continuing her research in the turbo-folk scene, a genre of pop music popular throughout the Balkans, by making recordings and conducting interviews.(Read More)

RaiNesha MillerRaiNesha Miller '13
After majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology at Bowdoin, RaiNesha will be spending time in Indonesia teaching school-aged children how to speak English. As well, she hopes to initiate a cross-cultural exchange between her hometown of Birmingham, AL and East Java, Indonesia, by mixing her love for Southern, down home cooking with the diverse cuisines of Indonesia. RaiNesha plans on becoming psychologist and, coupled with her background in foreign languages and academic mentoring, wants to dedicate herself towards helping others and understanding the ways in which individuals relate to one another and the world around them. (Read more and visit RaiNesha's Blog)

Erin St. PeterErin St. Peter '13
Originally from Old Town, Maine, Erin double majored in economics and government & legal studies with a minor in history while at Bowdoin.  She also held different teaching and tutoring roles with Upward Bound and with various organizations serving immigrant and refugee communities in Portland.  Her Fulbright award will take her back to Senegal, where she studied abroad, and where she will serve as a teaching assistant at a French-speaking university.  After completing her Fulbright, Erin hopes to continue to work with under served communities in Maine either by pursuing a master’s degree in public policy or by becoming certified in teaching and/or ESL education. (Read More)

Fulbright Study/Research Grant

David BernsteinDavid Bernstein '13
An economics major and anthropology minor with plans to become a physician, David will enroll as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Luxembourg, where he will earn a master's degree in entrepreneurship and innovation with a biotechnology focus. In addition to his coursework, Bernstein will use his experience gained playing collegiate baseball at Bowdoin to strengthen the presence and appreciation of “America’s pastime” in his host country. The master degree will allow David to gain valuable business knowledge that will be beneficial to his long-term goal of marrying medicine with business. When he returns from Luxembourg, Bernstein will earn M.D./M.B.A through the University of Rochester School of Medicine’s joint-degree program.

Kacey BerryKacey Berry '13
A neuroscience major and a history minor from Berkeley, California, Kacey is thrilled to pursue research at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology just outside of Munich. There, she will work in a sensory neurogenetics lab that uses fruit flies to investigate how and why we respond to sensory stimuli in the ways that we do. In addition to lab work, Kacey hopes to build on the language skills she began to develop through two semesters of German at Bowdoin. A four-year member of Bowdoin’s Improvabilities and an avid theater participant for much of her life, Kacey also anticipates exploring Munich’s performing arts scene. Though not opposed to getting “distracted” along the way when other adventures arise, Kacey would like to pursue a PhD in the neuroscience in the years following her Fulbright experience. (Read More)

Jacob BlumJacob Blum '13
After studying biochemistry and Italian at Bowdoin, Jacob will embark on a journey to the land of pizza, passion, and groundbreaking biological research. Having received a Fulbright Research Grant to study telomeres, the ends of DNA chromosomes implicated in cancer and aging, he will spend nine months in Rome. His participation in summer research and honors thesis work in the biology department created a strong foundation for his Fulbright project. Jacob plans to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. and a career in meaningful research, while maintaining a connection with the people he meets abroad and Italian culture. (Read More)

Emma CutlerEmma Cutler '13
Sri Lanka
Emma was a math and environmental studies major at Bowdoin and worked on a climate modeling research project during her sophomore, junior, and senior years. She will be returning to Sri Lanka, where she studied abroad in fall 2011, to build off of an independent study project she undertook during that semester looking at the environmental impact of agriculture in the hill country of Sri Lanka. Her Fulbright project will involve modeling land use and pollution from agrochemicals in this same region. Upon her return to the U.S., she hopes to attend graduate school to study math and how it can be used to address issues of environmental sustainability. (Read more and visit Emma's Blog)

Adam RasgonAdam Rasgon '13
Adam majored in government and legal studies and minored in religion in addition to taking numerous Arabic language courses. In Egypt, Rasgon will study at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA), a prestigious Arabic immersion program in Cairo, which focuses on proficiency in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Egyptian dialectic.  He hopes to engage daily with Egyptians from various backgrounds and learn about the diverse cultural and political landscapes of Egypt.  Moreover, he intends to join a local calligraphy club and work with Sudanese and Syrian refugees.  Following his Fulbright experience, Adam intends to pursue graduate studies in Middle Eastern studies at an American university. (Read More)

Fullbright Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Grant

Elena CrosleyElena Crosley '13
At Bowdoin, Elena earned a degree in mathematics with a minor in biology.  She augmented her Bowdoin coursework with a  Global Citizen Grant, during which she taught math and English to Nicaraguan youth, and a Student Faculty Research Grant Fellowship focused on computational sustainability.   Elena intends to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics, and this exceptionally  generous Fulbright award will support three years of study at one of Canada’s leading research universities, the University of British Colombia.  (Read More)


Adam ChildAdam Childs '14
Honorable Mention
At Bowdoin, Adam is a chemistry and physics double major and math minor.  Upon graduating, he plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in quantum and organic chemistry with the intention of teaching and conducting research at the university level.  He is interested in how non-covalent forces help to control the structure of molecules, such as proteins.  Adam became interested in this material while serving as a research fellow at Bowdoin. (Read More)

Soichi HirokawaSoichi Hirokawa '14
Honorable Mention
A physics and Russian major with a minor in philosophy, Soichi has a particular interest in alternative energy research. After his positive undergraduate research experience in nanotechnology at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the summer of 2012, Soichi decided to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Upon the completion of graduate school, Soichi intends to enter the energy industry, where he hopes to help in the development of affordable technology that can efficiently convert energy from natural resources without causing harm to the environment.  (Read More)

Ellis RatnerEllis Ratner '14
A computer science and physics major with a mathematics minor, Ellis is primarily interested in robotics and artificial intelligence, focusing on localization, mapping, and planning algorithms for autonomous robots. He has spent the past three summers conducting research and developing robotic systems. He is a member of Bowdoin’s RoboCup (robotic soccer) team, the Northern Bites, and plans on attending graduate school in robotics and artificial intelligence and continuing research in this area. (Read More)

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

Carolyn Barber

Carolyn Barber '13

Carolyn graduated Bowdoin with a degree in Asian studies. Having been interested in living in Japan since high school, she will be travelling to a small city in Japan to teach English. In the future, Barber, who has studied Spanish and German, said she is interested in pursuing a career in translation. (Read More)

Kim LaceyKim Lacey '13
Kim Lacey graduated Bowdoin with a major in Eurasian and East European studies and a minor in Japanese. While in college, Lacey discovered her interest in foreign languages and international relations. Lacey has been hired by the Japanese government as a coordinator for international relations (CIR). The position will place her in the second biggest city in Hokkaido to coordinate international exchange activities, offer translation and interpretation for officials, and receive foreign guests. (Read More)

Ruiqi TangRuiqi Tang '13
Ruiqi graduated Bowdoin with a gender and women’s studies major. Having spent five years of her childhood in Nagoya, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Japan as an assistant language teacher (ALT). Funded by the Global Citizens Grant, Ruiqi taught English at a school serving abandoned Tibetan girls during the summer of 2010. Her 12 weeks living and working in a Tibetan village sparked an interest in education, women’s empowerment, and development. She looks forward to learning about Japanese schools, living in a rural Japanese community, and improving her language skills. (Read More)

Keasbey Scholarship

Katie KinkelKatie Kinkel '13
Katie earned an English major with a concentration in creative writing at Bowdoin, and in her final year completed a book of original poems as an honors project. In the fall 2012 semester, she was one of two students awarded the Keasbey Memorial Foundation Scholarship to continue her study of writing and poetry at the University of Oxford. Under the Keasbey Scholarship, Katie proposed two years of study at Oxford’s Master of Studies (MSt) program in creative writing, where she would have been instructed in a variety of creative and poetic traditions and been encouraged to build upon her developing skills as a writer. Though Katie was delighted to have this opportunity through the Keasbey Foundation, she ultimately declined the Keasbey scholarship after being awarded a position and scholarship at the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, which she will attend this fall. (Read More)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Rachel Eveleth

Rachel Eveleth '11
Rachel graduated from Bowdoin with honors in earth and oceanographic science and environmental studies.  She went on to participate in a Ph.D. program at Duke University, with a focus on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. As well, Rachel completed field work in Antarctica and hopes to go on a research cruise to the Arctic as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. 

Larissa GaiasLarissa Gaias '11
After graduating from Bowdoin as a psychology and environmental studies coordinate major, Larissa interned with the Council on International Educational Exchange in Khon Kaen, Thailand, an alternative education study abroad program.  She then enrolled in graduate school at Arizona State University and is studying family human development. Through her research, she hopes to understand the influences that individual teacher and student characteristics have on elementary school classroom processes.  Building off these experiences, she also hopes to use the fellowship to explore mechanisms for bridging scientific research with the work of community and non-profit organizations. 

Lauren WitheyLauren Withey '06
Lauren graduated with a government and legal studies and environmental studies degree and went on to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, in its Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Program. With her NSF fellowship, she will work in Ghana, examining the way communities around protected areas manage natural resources. After completing her Ph.D., Lauren hopes to continue to find and apply solutions to pressing human needs that nurture the resources upon which we depend. 

Princeton in Africa

James HenryJames Henry '13
James majored in government and legal studies at Bowdoin, while also completing pre-med requirements. During his time at Bowdoin, James took advantage of opportunities to travel and volunteer in Rwanda and Guatemala as well as spending a semester studying in a university in Lima, Peru. For his fellowship, James will spend a year living on the Project Mercy compound in Ethiopia teaching chemistry and biology, a course on American government, as well as participating in a summer program on health and hygeine and various medical projects throughout the year. After the fellowship year, he hopes to gain admission to medical school. 

Eliza Warren-ShrinerEliza Warren-Shriner '13
Eliza graduated with majors in environmental studies and romance languages and a minor in chemistry. While at Bowdoin, she completed an honors project on food hubs, interned in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and studied abroad in Toulouse, France -- experiences that fostered a passion for all things food. She will spend her Princeton in Africa fellowship year working for the World Food Programme’s Public Information unit in Dakar, Senegal. Eliza looks forward to spending a career focusing on food, culture, and social justice.

Princeton in Asia

Lydia SingermanLydia Singerman '13
Lydia graduated with a degree in gender and women’s studies and credits her junior semester abroad in Accra, Ghana, with sparking her interest in travel and international development. Lydia will spend the nine months teaching English at the Bandon Sriserm (kasikorn) School in Nan, Thailand, and hopes to use the experience as a way to explore and learn from a culture that is new to her while also contributing to the community. (Read More)


Truman Scholarship

Lonnie HackettLonnie Hackett '14
Lonnie is majoring in biochemistry at Bowdoin.  His steadfast interest in serving the underprivileged has led him to volunteer in Zambia and Nepal.  In Zambia, he organized health education lessons for orphans and vulnerable children and has since developed a program providing health services to over 500 children.  While in Nepal, Lonnie volunteered in rural health clinics and conducted an independent research project aimed at improving healthcare utilization in developing countries.  The Truman Scholarship provides leadership training, funds a D.C. internship, and grants up to $30,000 toward graduate school. After earning an M.D./M.P.H., Lonnie plans to practice medicine abroad and work on global health policy in order to improve healthcare in developing countries. (Read More)

Udall Scholarship

Erica BerryErica Berry '14
As an English and environmental studies coordinate major, Erica is interested in applying her passion for narrative to environmental issues, believing that storytelling can teach where science fact alone falls short. She is an Editor-in-Chief of the Bowdoin Orient  2013-14, and has interned in media for the environmental nonprofit Oceana. The Udall Scholarship recognizes Erica's environmental leadership and commitment thus far, and endorses her vision for how journalism can broaden discourse about the intersections between man and environment. (Read More)

Watson Fellowship

David BruceS. David Bruce '13
"Depicting Cities and Climate Change: Threats, Response, and Outcome in the Face of Environmental Disaster"
Netherlands, Argentina, India, Thailand, China
David graduated Bowdoin with an economics and environmental studies major and visual arts minor. On his Watson year, David is traveling to investigate what densely populated coastal cities are doing to adapt to the water related threats of climate change. He plans on exploring topics involving the measures taken to prevent sea-level rise, storm surge flooding, monsoon rains, or river flooding from causing devastating damage to populations and infrastructure, and to create a visual journal of drawings, paintings, and sketches. David is unsure what he will do when he returns to the United States in 2014. Whatever he ends up doing, he wants to be able to create, design, and never lose touch with his passion for visual art. (Read More)

Learn more about David’s Watson Fellowship by reading his blog.