Schwarzman Scholars Program*

Initial Bowdoin Deadline: August 28, 2018 (noon)**
Campus Interview: August 31, 2018
Official Schwarzman Deadline: September 27, 2018 (11:59 p.m., EDT)
Campus Contact: Cindy Stocks

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**Applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao will apply online from January to May. Finalists will be notified before July 1, and will attend interviews to be held at Tsinghua University in Beijing in July. Final admissions decisions for Chinese Schwarzman Scholars will be announced before October 1.  See the Schwarzman Scholars website for additional details.  The application for Chinese candidates can be accessed on the Tsinghua University Schwarzman Scholars webpage.

Description. Designed to prepare the next generation of global leaders, Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship created to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century. Whether in politics, business or science, the success of future leaders around the world will depend upon an understanding of China’s role in global trends.

Having enrolled the inaugural class in 2016, the program accepts 100 men and women from around the world (45% U.S., 20% China, 35% rest of world) and provides them with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and professional networks through a one-year Master’s Degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing – one of China’s most prestigious universities. The program will grow to include up to 200 students in coming years.

Students will live and study together on the campus of Schwarzman College, a newly-built, state-of-the-art facility, where all classes will be taught in English. Students will pursue degrees in one of three disciplines:

  • Public Policy
  • Economics and Business
  • International Studies

Students will spend a year immersed in an international community of thinkers, innovators and senior leaders in business, politics and society. In an environment of intellectual engagement, professional development, and cultural exchange, they will learn from one another and pursue their academic disciplines while building their leadership capacities. This experience will expand students’ understanding of the world and create a growing network of global leaders for the future.

Benefits. Students will receive a comprehensive scholarship that includes:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Room and board
  • Travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the academic year
  • An in-country study tour
  • Required course books and supplies
  • Lenovo laptop and smartphone
  • Health insurance
  • A modest personal stipend of $3,500


  • Undergraduate degree or first degree from an accredited college or university or its equivalent. 
    Applicants who are currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programs must be on track to successfully complete all degree requirements before orientation begins. There are no requirements for a specific field of undergraduate study; all fields are welcome, but it will be important for applicants, regardless of undergraduate major, to articulate how participating in Schwarzman Scholars will help develop their leadership potential within their field.
  • English language proficiency. 
    Applicants must demonstrate strong English language skills, as all teaching will be conducted in English. If the applicant's native language is not English, official English proficiency test scores must be submitted with the application. Acceptable test options are:
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT)
    • Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT)
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    • Pearson’s (PTE Academic)

    This requirement is waived for applicants who graduated from an undergraduate institution where the primary language of instruction was English for at least three years of the applicant’s academic program.

  • Age.
    Applicants must be at least 18 but not yet 29 years of age by the start of the program.
The following items are not part of minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Marital status. Married applicants may apply and will be at no disadvantage in the application process. Spouses/partners may accompany Schwarzman Scholars to Beijing, but Scholars are expected to live in the dormitory and participate fully in the program like single students. Spouses/partners may not live in the dormitory, and no additional funding will be provided to support spouses/partners living off-campus.
  • There are no citizenship or nationality requirements.
  • Grade point average/class rank/pre-requisites. Academic excellence will be a requirement for successful applicants, but there is no minimum GPA or class rank required to apply. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated excellence in their academic studies, and the most competitive candidates will be among the top students in their graduating class. There are no course prerequisites for applicants to the program, although some individual classes at Tsinghua University may have prerequisites.

Bowdoin’s Internal Selection Process.  By the Initial Bowdoin Deadline, (see above), applicants must submit to the Office of Student Fellowships and Research:

  • A copy of their Schwarzman application
  • Unofficial academic history from Polaris
  • Signed and witnessed "Permission Form and Waiver"

All materials can either be printed and hand-delivered to Gina Pappas in 110 Moulton Union or saved as a PDF and electronically submitted to

The Committee will review these materials and interview all applicants deemed competitive.

Please be reminded that Bowdoin’s Honor Code applies to the fellowship application process.

Applications for the Schwarzman Scholarship must be submitted electronically by the official Schwarzman deadline (see above).

Please also submit a copy of your final application to the Office of Student Fellowships and Research by this deadline. Applications can either be hand-delivered to Gina Pappas in 110 Moulton Union or electronically submitted to

Additional information about the selection process:

Finalists will be notified in mid-October if they are invited to interviews. Interviews will take place in three locations around the world, with candidates being invited to the closest geographical location.  Admissions decisions will be made by mid-November, 2018.

Please be reminded that Bowdoin’s Honor Code applies to the fellowship application process.