Academic Records and Transcripts

Many students read the list of fellowships and scholarships and immediately think, “These aren’t for me.” The common misconception is that the most competitive fellowships are reserved for only the most academically gifted students whose GPA never dips below a 4.0. While perfect grades are not required, academic engagement and intellectual curiosity are at the heart of most prestigious fellowships and scholarships.  Concordantly, selection committees will be interested in a record that clearly demonstrates these attributes. Aside from a transcript, you may be asked to provide a list of academic achievements, awards, prizes, or publications.

For the purpose of submitting final materials to particular foundations, you must request official Bowdoin transcripts from the Office of the Registrar. Be aware that Bowdoin’s Student Records Office cannot procure off-campus study transcripts for you. Contact the off-campus institution directly to request a transcript from them. Obtaining transcripts quickly from overseas or even from Bowdoin can be difficult and frustrating, so to avoid the stress, request these early.