Nominations and Endorsements

Some fellowships and scholarships don't ask Bowdoin to select you as one of our top candidates prior to your application to the foundation, but they may ask for a nomination, rating, or institutional endorsement. These fellowships and scholarships usually ask you to apply directly to the foundation but to include a nomination form or institutional letter backing your candidacy.

Generally these letters or forms are required to come from the President or a Dean at the institution. If the fellowship or scholarship to which you are applying requires a nomination or endorsement form, you should discuss this very early on with the Director of Student Fellowships and Research, who will help to coordinate this request.

While these forms are usually separate from the required recommendations, they should be equally as rich in content and personal examples or anecdotes. Even before you identify the person who will nominate you, you ought to begin collecting evidence supporting your individual candidacy to share with him or her. Such things can include: resumes, publications, news articles, past recommendations, and even a list of anecdotes highlighting your strengths as a candidate. This is not the place to be humble. The more examples of your unique gifts and accomplishments the nominator can have, the more specific and more persuasive the letter of nomination or endorsement can be.