Admissions Background

Launched in fall 2007, the Office of Student Fellowships and Research is an essential resource for students interested in pursuing research during their undergraduate years or seeking information about nationally competitive fellowships such as Fulbright, Marshall and Rhodes, just to name a few!

We strive to inform all Bowdoin students about undergraduate research opportunities, primarily at Bowdoin, but also at institutions across the country.  Each spring the College awards Research Fellowships and Research Award to over 100 Bowdoin students to carry out faculty-mentored research across all disciplines.  A Bowdoin Research Fellowship or Research Award allows you to delve deeply into a research question and can lead to an enhanced independent or honors project, a co-authored  paper with your faculty mentor, or the potential to present your findings at a professional meeting.  Such experiences will serve you well, particularly if you plan to pursue graduate study.

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We also work with students and alumni to identify and to apply for relevant nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships.  Each year, numerous Bowdoin students receive these prestigious awards, enabling them to engage in a variety of activities including: spending time overseas, conducting independent research, earning money toward their undergraduate tuition, and attending graduate school.  Imagine, receiving a Fulbright award to teach English in Chile, studying at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, or traveling the world for a year as a Watson Fellow!  These are just a few of the opportunities supported by nationally competitive fellowships.

In the Office of Student Fellowships and Research, we focus on enhancing your academic experience, which distinguishes us from the other departments with whom we frequently collaborate: the Career Planning Center, which helps students engage in activities that further their career aspirations; the McKeen Center for the Common Good, which connects students to public service opportunities; and the Office of Student Aid, which helps need-based students and offers graduate school scholarships that are awarded exclusively to Bowdoin students.

Regardless of whether you are just beginning your Bowdoin academic career or are a recent alum, our goal is to further your academic endeavors by connecting worthy students to merit-based opportunities, to encourage self-development, and to make the application process a worthwhile learning experience.  We hope you will stop by our office in person to learn more!