Fellowship Database

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research compiles all the data that we receive regarding funding opportunities into a searchable database, which can be found here.

University of South Carolina's INFO (Investigate National Fellowship Opportunities) database

Michigan State University Libraries' Web site has an impressive listing of funding opportunities, such as financial aid or scholarships for students.  On their "Grants for Individuals" page, users can search by academic level, population group, or subject area and are then directed to relevant Web sites, searchable databases, articles, books and announcements.  Because of the large amount of data available, the site loads slowly.  Be patient; we think you'll find it worth the wait!

British Council's Education UK Web site also provides an extensive searchable database for students interested in graduate, undergraduate, or summer study opportunities in the United Kingdom.  Users can search by subject of study, desired study location, level of study as well as desired award.  Your results will provide a list of relevant scholarships for which you can apply.

Peace and Security Options This document, prepared by fellowship advisor Laure Pengelly Drake of the University of Montana, lists a number of fellowships, internships, and networking opportunities related to peace and security issues.

The Worldwide Colleges and Universities database maintained by the UCLA Center for Global Education provides links to colleges and universities around the world and is a useful tool for students interested in a Fulbright Study/Research grant.