Employment Information for First-Year Students

Welcome Class of 2021! 

Bowdoin is committed to offering all students the opportunity to work on-campus, regardless of their financial aid status.  Below is information on how to find an on-campus job. 

Two Ways to Land a Job at Bowdoin College

Option One: Participate in the First Year Job Placement Program (FYJPP)

Through the FYJPP, we can match you with a part-time job for the fall semester before you arrive on campus. The benefits of participating in this program are that you will not need to search through online job listings, fill out applications, interview for positions, or compete with upper-class students for position openings. The majority of jobs available through the FYJPP are through Dining Services, therefore there is a high chance you will be placed there. However, other departments, including the Library and Information Technology, also offer positions through FYJPP.

​In order to be placed in a position, first-year students must complete the First-Year Job Placement Program Survey.

  • The priority deadline is Sunday, July 2, 2017.
  • Applications will be collected until Sunday, July 23, 2017 – the final deadline for submission.

Important Note: The FYJPP serves all first-year students, regardless of whether or not you receive Bowdoin financial aid. However, if we receive more applications than available openings, priority is given to students receiving Bowdoin financial aid, followed by students whose applications are received on or before July 2, 2017.

Students who participate in the FYJPP must agree to all of the following terms and conditions:    

  • Agree to remain with your job placement for one semester (at a minimum).  If you need to quit your job at the end of the fall semester, for any reason, you must talk with your supervisor in advance. Additionally, you must communicate any absences to your supervisor in advance.
  • If you accept a job through the FYJPP and later decide that you cannot stay in your position, you may not accept another job during my first semester. Placement is final. 
  • You need to bring to campus the original identification documents required to complete the Federal I-9 form, and complete the I-9 form in person at Bowdoin College before you can begin working and receive a paycheck. Only original documents will meet the requirement. Photocopies, scans, or faxed documents cannot be accepted.
  • You will need to complete a federal and state W-4 forms and enroll in Direct Deposit using a U.S. bank account prior to beginning your first shift.

International students seeking employment should contact the Student Employment Office by email at seo@bowdoin.edu, for more details regarding employment forms.

Option Two: Search and Apply for Jobs through JobX

There are many jobs offered on-campus across all different departments to suit different interests! Apply for open positions through the JobX (our online job board).  Academic year positions will be listed now through September, or until they are filled. You will have access to apply for jobs on or after June 6, 2017. 

  • Search for jobs and apply online through JobX,
  • Once you have a Bowdoin login, you will be able to sign up for JobMail (receive email notifications when jobs are posted) and apply online for jobs directly through JobX.

Please visit the Student landing page for our website for a general overview of student employment at Bowdoin.   If you want to find out how much students earn or to understand our policies on working hour limits - you will want to visit the Get Paid! and Important Policies pages of our website. 


Q: I have federal work-study (FWS) listed on my financial aid award. What does that mean?
A: Please visit our FWS page.

Q: Can I hold more than one job at a time? 
A: Absolutely!  As long as you do not exceed the maximum number of work hours (20/week) in your combined positions. 

Q: Will I need to fill out employment paperwork? 
A: Yes. Please Visit our Employment Forms page.

Q: I am not a U.S. Citizen - can I still work on campus?
A: Most likely. Please visit our International Student Employee page for details.

Q: I have changed my mind about participating in the FYJPP, what should I do?
A: Email Student Employment at seo@bowdoin.edu, but remember - you signed a contract when you completed the survey saying you would stay in your placement for at least one semester. Employers are counting on you!

Q: I did not receive a placement through the FYJPP, how do I find a job on campus? 
A: See the options listed above!