Getting Paid

Employment Forms and Direct Deposit

All student employees are required to fill out federal and state employment forms upon becoming officially hired at Bowdoin. Once you have completed these forms, you are eligible to work on campus in any job during your years here as a student.

  • If you claimed "Exempt" on your Federal and State W-4 forms, you may be asked to resubmit this form each calendar year in January.
  • Students are required to receive their payroll funds via direct deposit. Students who do not establish a direct deposit account will be reminded to do so and required to pick up their paychecks from the Student Employment Office on payday. 

Pay Rates

Department supervisors and SEO work together to determine pay rates.  Each job is assigned a pay grade and level. The SEO reviews each established pay rate to ensure that Bowdoin College complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our policy allows for a level of wage equity for students performing similar responsibilities.

Refer to the 2018/2019 Student Compensation Plan for more detailed information.

Grade/Level AY 2018/2019
AI $11.00
BI $11.25
BII $11.50
BIII $11.75
CI $12.00
CII $12.25
CIII $12.50
D Special Rate

Special approval from SEO required to hire into Grade D. 

Pay Raises

To ensure compliance with Maine State minimum wage laws, student pay rate increases occur at the start of the academic year.  On rare occasions, off-cycle increases may occur, but must be pre-approved by SEO.  Pay increases, in excess of minimum wage rates, are not guaranteed each year.

How do I process a student’s raise?

During the summer, SEO will request information from supervisors regarding student workers and pay rates.  SEO will make the necessary rate changes in Workday prior to the start of the first academic year payroll.

A supervisor may request a compensation change through Workday mid-year, however the increase must be approved by SEO.  Please contact SEO at x3386 for assistance.

Payment Type - Payroll or Accounts Payable?

Bowdoin rarely allows student employees to be paid a stipend. In nearly every situation, a student must be paid an hourly wage in order to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  • Hourly pay allows for a level of wage equity among student positions and ensures the student is paid fairly.
  • The Controller’s Office offers guidelines regarding payroll or accounts payable payment types.  Please review the guidelines and contact the Student Employment Office with any questions.
  • Please contact the Office of Student Fellowships and Research for more information regarding student fellowships.

Workday - How do I enter my time?

All hourly student employees are responsible for completing accurate timesheets before each bi-weekly payroll deadline. See Workday Entering Time instructions.

  • Students must comply with the individual policies for reporting time in their department. Policies may vary, as some departments require clocking in via a physical time clock or via the Workday website.
  • Supervisors are required to review, adjust, and approve these timesheet entries by 10:00am on the Monday prior to pay day. Supervisors should only approve timesheet entries known to be accurate.

Pay Period Adjustment Form - I forgot to enter my time...

If a student employee has forgotten to record hours from a prior pay period, that student must fill out a Prior Pay Period Adjustment Form.

  • To be in compliance with federal and state laws, student employees must record the specific hours and dates within the pay period in which the hours are actually worked.
  • It is completely unacceptable to instead record missed hours in a future pay period.

Payroll Schedule - When will I be paid?

The Controller's Office maintains an annual schedule that shows when pay is issued.

Paycheck Calculator - How much will I earn?

We recommend that you use the hourly paycheck calculator at Please see this image for help with completing the fields.

Overtime Payment

During the academic year, students should not work more than 20 hours per week. See Working Hour Limits on the Employment Policies page.

  • In the event that a student employee inadvertently works more than 40 hours per week during the summer or during a designated break, the employee would earn time and a half (hourly rate x 1.5) per federal and state employment regulations. The cost of the overtime pay will be shared by all departments in which the student worked. 
  • Student employees are expected to monitor their scheduled hours and communicate in advance with their supervisors to prevent overtime work. This is especially true for non-U.S. Citizens whose visa status could be compromised by an overage.

File Your Taxes

All student employees are required to complete Federal and Maine W-4s that stipulate your correct tax withholding allowance. The IRS has an online tax calculator available to help you determine the appropriate tax withholding.  Student Employment cannot provide you with specific tax advice, but we can help answer your general questions about W-4s.

During the academic year, students are exempt from FICA taxes. See the FICA Exemption section in the Employment Policies section of our website. However, state and federal taxes are withheld through the year unless the student claims exempt.

Students may file a tax return in order to obtain a tax refund (or pay your tax liability). You may find the following resources to be very helpful:

Access your Bowdoin W2

The Bowdoin HR and Controller’s Office will send a paper copy of your W-2 to your Smith Union Box in late January. If you are an active student and need a duplicate copy of your W-2, please log into Workday, select the "pay" icon then select "my tax documents".  If you are no longer a student at Bowdoin, please contact Robin Saindon ( in Payroll for those documents.