Supervisor FAQs

I'm a new supervisor. How do I access Workday and the SEO Website, JobX?

If you are a new supervisor of students at Bowdoin, please reach out to us via We will schedule a time to meet with you and offer you training on the Job Posting site, JobX, and the Hiring and Time Tracking website, Workday.

  • As a new employee of the college, you will automatically be given single sign-on access to Workday.
  • To request access to JobX, please visit the Request a Login page. 
    • The subsequent page will ask you for some important information, such as your name, department, and campus ID.
    • Please type in your name as you would like students to see it. Middle names are not necessary.
    • Once you submit your information, the SEO will quickly process your request and you will receive an email confirming that your new supervisor account has been activated.

What is the process for hiring a student employee?

  1. Create a new or access an existing job description on the JobX website.
  2. Use the JobX website to post a position to the student job board to recruit student applicants.
  3. Greet the students using the JobX email feature and invite them to come in for an interview.
  4. Select the students whom you'd like to hire. Call them or send them an email to let them know you're offering them the job.
  5. Hire the student employees into Workday and set their compensation. Note: JobX is no longer used for hiring students. Hires made in JobX will not download into Workday.
  6. Email the student to arrange for their start date. The student will not be notified by Workday when they have been hired, so you will need to do so.
  7. Send a notice to students whom you have not decided to hire, thanking them for their interest in the position.

Note: In some cases, you may not need to post a job or solicit applications from students. An example of this might be when a professor asks an academic department coordinator to hire a particular student to serve as a course teaching assistant, since that student had outstanding performance in the course in a prior semester. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage the practice of interviewing students in as many situations as possible. 

JobX: How do I create a new job description?

  1. First, log in to the JobX website. The link can also be found under the "Quicklinks" on the Student Employment website.
  2. Once you've logged in, the view you now see is your Control Panel.
  3. Click the button midway down the page that reads "Add a new job for" [Your Department].
  4. Choose a job type, select and go to next step.
  5. Complete the Supply Job Profile, review the job application, and make changes as needed. Then Go Live. The SEO will review and post the job, usually within 24 hours.

Note: If you happen to hire for more than one department on campus, you will need to select the appropriate department from the drop down list before adding a new job.

Check out our Quick Guide to Posting a Job and FAQ’s for more information. 

JobX: Listed, Pending, Review, and Storage Modes Explained...

Within your JobX Control Panel, you will see that there are four possible modes for jobs. Click the box next to a mode in order to see which jobs fall under each category.

Listed: This means that your job is visible to students on the student job board. Students will be able to submit applications to any job that is publicly "Listed" on the job board.

Pending Approval: Before a Listed job is actively posted on the student job board, the SEO will quickly review your job description and pay rate selection. This is a daily task. If your job has been "stuck" in Pending mode for a half day or more, please call us and we will approve it right away.

Review Mode: When you have a comprehensive pool of applicants and no longer want to accept new applications, move your job into Review mode by clicking the link in the gray/purple box that says "Review." Review mode preserves all of your applications and allows you to send emails to applicants directly from JobX.

Storage Mode: Use only after your search is complete and all notifications have been sent to applicants. Storage mode will DELETE all of the applications that are attached to a job position.  Before reposting a job that has applications from a prior search attached to it, move to Storage to remove the applications.  Move back to Review Mode to edit then List.  If you have deleted an application in error, please contact


Workday: How (and when) do I hire a student?

Students must be hired through the Workday website. There are three different hiring processes depending upon the student's current status. Visit the Workday Instructions page to review the steps.

PRE-HIRE: Hire a new student (never worked on campus)*
ADD-JOB: Hire a student employee who is currently working on campus
CHANGE JOB: Transfer a student employee from the Student Pool

*If student has never worked on campus, the student must compelete an I-9 form with SEO before they can be hired in Workday. 

Please call the SEO if you'd like one-on-one support anytime!  x3386

Workday: How do I rehire a student?

To rehire a student, follow the same guidelines as hiring a student (see above).  Rehiring is only essential when a student job has been ended in Workday.

When a student continues working from one semester to the next in a specific job, there is no need to rehire at the start of the second semester.  The student will stay active.  For example, if you hire a student to work the fall semester and they plan to come back into the job in the spring, the job will remain active and you will not need to rehire.

Employment Forms: When can a student begin working?

Students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents may begin working only after they have presented official, appropriate identification documents at the Student Employment Office and complete the Federal I-9 form.

  • Per federal regulation, supervisors are not allowed to suggest particular forms of ID to the student. Please instead refer the student to the Employment Forms page to learn which forms of ID are acceptable.
  • It is your responsibility as a supervisor to ensure that the student does not begin any training or complete any work shifts before the I-9 form has been submitted and processed.

International students may begin working after they obtain a social security card and complete the Glacier tax software process. Please visit the International Students page to review important steps for supervisors and students.

How do students get paid?

Students are considered bi-weekly employees of the college who log their hours the same way that hourly-paid staff members do. Some student employees will clock in using a time clock and others will use the virtual/web time entry system. Please point them to the Workday Instructions page for a step-by-step guide on entering time.

All students are required to sign up for Direct Deposit and are paid bi-weekly, every other Friday. Please visit our payroll policies page to review important payroll FAQs.

How much should I pay a student employee?

Please visit the Pay Rates tab on the payroll policies page to review the Student Employment pay scale. Please don't hesitate to consult with the SEO if you would like assistance with determining a fair and equitable wage to pay your student employees.

Should I pay a student through payroll or accounts payable?

In most circumstances, to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, a student must be paid an hourly wage through payroll. There are some exceptions to pay a student a one-time contract fee, an occasional fixed-amount check, or an honorarium. All requests for one-time payments must be approved by Student Employment in advance of the student completing the contract work.

Please read the "Payment Type - Payroll or Accounts Payable" tab on the payroll policies page to review the College's policy.

How can I give students a raise and are student pay raises required?

Student pay increases will take effect at the start of each academic year.  We no longer offer $0.25 increases after 2 semesters/one summer.

How do I process a student’s raise?

During the summer, SEO will request information from supervisors regarding student workers and pay rates.  SEO will make the necessary rate changes in Workday prior to the start of the first academic year payroll.

A supervisor may request a compensation change through Workday mid-year, however the increase must be approved by SEO.  Please contact SEO at x3386 for assistance.

Can a student work overtime?

Please read the Overtime Payment tab on the payroll policies page.

Do students need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

If your student employees will handle any type of sensitive information in their position, please discuss the importance of confidentiality in the workplace and have them sign the student Confidentiality Agreement at the beginning of each semester/year. Save these documents for your records at your own office and email a copy to SEO.  We will attach the signed agreement to the students Workday account.