Incentive Pool Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the incentive pool is to assist departments by funding one-time projects or by providing seed money for a brand new position.

Decision-Makers: The Student Employment Advisory Board (SEAB) is composed of supervisors and staff from various departments at the college.

Priority: The SEAB will give priority to jobs that offer student employees an opportunity to acquire beneficial skills. In addition, the SEAB will consider how this new position will benefit the department and the College.

Friendly Tips: 

  • A thorough job description offers the SEAB a clear picture of the work the student will perform.
  • Proposing a budget plan for how the position will be funded in the future makes strides towards an accepted request.
  • Please Note: You may not use the Incentive Pool fund to supplement existing positions. Our purview is to fund one-time projects or seed new positions.
  • If you have questions about about crafting a strong proposal, please contact the SEO.

Funding Cycle: There is no specific application or funding date. Requests are received and approved on a rolling basis. Funds are fixed yearly and are limited to Bowdoin’s fiscal year.

Faculty Research: Faculty should not use the Incentive Pool to seek funding for research assistance, transcription projects, or other academic work. Please see the Academic Affairs website for more information on faculty funding. Such proposals will not be approved.

Summer Positions: In some circumstances, the incentive pool has extra funds at the end of the fiscal year enabling us to offer funding for summer positions in both fiscal years. If you are considering a summer position, please contact Student Employment to discuss your funding plan.

Apply: Please apply via our Incentive Pool Application.