Request For Incentive Pool Funds

Person requesting additional student employee(s):
Do you currently employ students? No Yes
If "Yes", how many?
Duration of position: weeks, semesters
Number of hours per week for which you need funding
Requested Pay Rate Per Hour:
Total Requested funds (i.e. total weeks x hours per week x rate per hour):
Job Title for Proposed Position:
Anticipated Supervisor

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One or two-line Job Summary:

Learning Objectives/Experience to Gain (for the student):

Intended Contributions to the Bowdoin Community:

Detailed List of Duties:

Supervisory Responsibilities of the Student:

Required Experience:

Additional Preferred Experience:

Physical Requirements (e.g. ability to keyboard, if the position requires typing):

Proposed Start and End Dates & Working Conditions (please describe the physical space in which the student will work):

Has your department applied for funds for this or a similar position in the past 3-4 years?
No Yes
If "Yes", was it approved for funding? No Yes

If the Advisory Board is low on funds, could this position be funded at a reduced level and still be useful to your department? (You would have the option of reducing the hours per week or using departmental funds to supplement the Incentive Pool grant.) What is the minimum funding level which would allow you to accommodate your goals?


100% of requested amount
75% of requested amount
50% of requested amount
25% of requested amount

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