Office of Special Academic Programs

Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship

Created at the initiative of the Bowdoin College faculty, and supported by generations of philanthropic Bowdoin graduates, the Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship Program recognizes and honors students who have achieved excellence in their academic work, rank high in secondary school performance, bring special talents to enrich the College, and have demonstrable superior intellectual skills to contribute to their discipline of choice.  

Each successful candidate receives a stipend in the amount of $3,000 during their tenure in the College to pursue non-credit-bearing enrichment opportunities such as research, independent study, career-related internship, and service learning or community engagement. The stipend will normally be used during a spring or summer vacation period, but scholars may also elect to use it during a study abroad semester or year away from the College.

Importantly, stipends are available only to students who have enrolled and are actively engaged in academic work in the College. Those on disciplinary, voluntary, academic, or medical leave of absence do not qualify.
If you are interested in applying for the Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship, please complete the application form.

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