Meet our Students

Selected fellows are recognized and featured appropriately for their exceptional accomplishments, and/or for exceeding expectations in their academic performance. 

Juliana Villa '19

Nickname: Julie 
Birthdate: January 24
Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia; currently reside in New York City 
Major: Sociology and Education 
Major Advisors: Professor Ingrid Nelson, Sociology Department, and Professor Doris Santoro, Education Department,
Research Interests: I am interested in analyzing educational inequalities in elite academic settings while questioning the role of access. I focus on the sociocultural factors that affect minority student's academic engagement, achievement, and enrollment at elite schools. Specifically, I am interested in studying the early educational development of Latinx students at elite boarding schools. 
 Extracurricular activities: 
·      Bear Buddies Volunteer
·      SWAG Center Student Director 
·      Baldwin Mentor
Aspirations: I hope that my research will help to increase access to diverse secondary educational opportunities for Latinx students. 

Osa Omoregie '18

Faculty Mentor: Judith Casselberry

Osa is an Africana Studies and Government double major at Bowdoin College. His research focuses on the dissemination of African religious beliefs into the New World. Specifically, Osa is examining the proliferation of Yoruba-based religions in African diasporas of South America and the Caribbean, juxtaposed with the gradual erosion of Yoruba religious tradition in southern Nigeria, from where the Yoruba ethnic identity originates.

Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez '18

Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez '18

Faculty Mentor: Sara Dickey

Adaiah is a senior at Bowdoin College and calls Detroit, Michigan home. She is majoring in Anthropology and English and minoring in Dance. Her research in Anthropology explores storytelling, or the recounting of personal experience, and the roles of the storyteller and the audience. She gives specific attention to the appearance and function of reciprocity within storytelling events. Through her interdisciplinary investigation, she hopes to create a model for successful cross-cultural communication through the use of storytelling.