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The goal of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology is to develop students’ insight into the nature of society, the diversity of cultures around the world, and the similarities that all peoples and societies share. Course work, independent study, and collaborative research work with faculty all provide a basis for later graduate study, as well as for a wide variety of occupations.

Student Research & Grants

Student ResearchSociology and Anthropology students have many opportunities to engage in their own intensive research and writing, and to participate actively in a growing community of scholars.

Faculty Research

Susan Bell (Bio)MedicalizationOur faculty's diverse research interests span the globe, shedding light on intellectual, social, environmental, political, and technological histories from the ancient past to the modern period. learn more>>

Department Events

End of Year SelfieThe department sponsors campus-wide events that foster broader engagement with sociological and anthropological work. Events include film screenings, student-faculty panels, and talks on marketing feminism in Dove campaigns and Mexican gender performance through tequila.


Michael BrennanThe major and minor in Sociology or Anthropology provide students not simply with a "useable past," but also with the skills to cope with an ever-changing world. The value of a degree in Sociology or Anthropology is evident in the wide range of occupations our graduates have pursued.