Requirements for the Sociology Major/Minor

In consultation with an advisor, each student plans a major program that will nurture an understanding of society and the human condition, demonstrate how social and cultural knowledge are acquired through research, and enrich his or her general education. On the practical level, a major program prepares the student for graduate study in sociology or anthropology and contributes to preprofessional programs such as law and medicine. It also provides background preparation for careers in urban planning, public policy, the civil service, social work, business or personnel administration, social research, law enforcement and criminal justice, the health professions, journalism, secondary school teaching, and development programs.

                                                  Sociology Major

The major in sociology consists of ten courses, including Sociology 1101, 2010, 2030, and 3010. One or two of the ten courses may be advanced courses from anthropology (or, if approved by the department chair, from related fields to meet the student’s special interests) or off-campus study courses (with departmental approval). In all cases, at least seven of the courses counted toward the major must be Bowdoin sociology courses. Sociology 2010 should be taken in the sophomore year.

                                                  Sociology Minor

The minor in sociology consists of five sociology courses, including Sociology 1101, and four other courses at or above the intermediate level (numbered 2000 or above). One of the elective courses may be from anthropology (at or above the 2000 level) or from off-campus study. 

                                            Additional Information

For the Major program, two semesters of independent study may be counted, while for the Minor program one semester may be counted. In order for a course to fulfill the major or minor requirements in sociology, a grade of C- or above must be earned in that course.  Courses that count toward the major or minor must be taken for regular letter grades (not Credit/D/Fail).

The core courses in sociology (1101, 2010, 2030, and 3010) must be taken at Bowdoin.