Requirements for the Anthropology Major/Minor

In consultation with an advisor, each student plans a major program that nurtures an understanding of society and the human condition, demonstrates how social and cultural knowledge are acquired through research, and enriches their general education. On the practical level, a major program prepares the student for graduate study in sociology or anthropology and contributes to pre-professional programs such as law and medicine. It also provides background preparation for careers in business, the civil service, ethnographic design and research development, education, humanitarian and international development, law enforcement and criminal justice, journalism, museum administration and outreach, public health and allied the health professions, public policy, social work, and urban planning among others.

                                                   Anthropology Major

The major in anthropology consists of ten courses, including four core courses (Anthropology 1101, 1103, 2010 or 2020, 2030) and six electives. One elective must be an advanced course (numbered 3000–3999). Only one elective below the intermediate level (numbered 1000-1999) is counted toward the major. Eight of the ten courses required for the major must be Bowdoin anthropology courses.  Up to two of the ten required courses, with department approval, may be taken from off-campus study; Bowdoin sociology courses; and/or, with approval by the department chair, other Bowdoin courses in related fields that contribute to the student's specific interests.

                                                  Anthropology Minor

The minor in anthropology consists of five anthropology courses.  One core course Anthropology 1101 and 1103, and four electives: three courses must be at the intermediate (numbered 2000-2969) or advanced level (numbered 3000-3999), one elective may, with department approval, be from off-campus study.  Only two 1000-level courses (1000-1999) may be counted toward the minor.

NOTE: Beginning in the Spring of 2018, the department will be offering ANTH 1103 in place of ANTH 1102.  We will count ANTH 1103 towards the major and minor requirements.  Please have your advisor submit a "Degree Progress Exception Form" to the registrar's office if you plan to use ANTH 1103 to fulfill this requirement.

                                                Additional Information

For the Major or Minor program, one semester of independent study may be counted. In order for a course to fulfill the major or minor requirements in anthropology, a grade of C- or above must be earned in that course. Courses that count toward the major or minor must be taken for regular letter grades (not Credit/D/Fail).

The core courses in anthropology (1101, 1103, 2010, 2030) must be taken at Bowdoin.