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Allen Daniels

Allen Daniels

Security Officer Allen Daniels' favorite part of his job is interacting with students.  Outside of work, he enjoys running, skiing, disk golf and spending time with his newborn daughter.

Work as a security officer on a college campus isn't for everyone, but Security Officer Allen Daniels says working at Bowdoin makes his job easy.

"It's the students.  I wouldn't do this job for any other college - I can't imagine it," said Daniels.  "I genuinely appreciate the students here.  I love my conversations with them.  They make my job very, very easy."

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, Daniels graduated high school and enlisted in the Army.  For four years, he was a part of the third U.S. Infantry Regiment, a unit commonly known as the Old Guard.

"In the Old Guard, we do all the ceremonies and funerals in Arlington National Cemetery...we do all the simple and full honor funerals," said Daniels.  "We're also the official escort to the president.  We are kind of a ceremonial post-we do have training, but we don't have a wartime mission, only to honor the fallen."

After his time in the army, Daniels lived in Washington D.C. to gain his "city experience" and then went on to attend Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  Eventually, he settled in Maine with his girlfriend (now wife), applied for a job at Bowdoin, and was given the position six months later.

"I come to work pretty happy every day. The hardest part of my job is seeing people make poor decisions;" said Daniels.

Outside of Bowdoin, Daniels runs and plays disc golf, but the majority of his time is spent skiing and taking care of his newborn daughter.

"Her name is Evelyn Winter.  Evelyn is my wife's grandmother's name.  Winter is because I love winter-the deeper the snow the better....I live to ski and for sliding on snow.  My first job was a at ski shop, waxing skis, and I've done just about every job on the mountain, and I have loved all of them."

Daniels lives in Phippsburg, close to Brunswick, but will always call southern New Hampshire home.  Although he misses his mountains and their peaks, he always looks on the brighter side. "I joke with my wife that if I can't live in the mountains, the beach isn't a bad place to be."