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Office of Safety and Security

Parking Violation Appeal Form

Appeals must be received within fourteen days of the violation.  By submitting this form, your appeal will be sent to the Office of Safety and Security and will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of Safety and Security.  You will be notified of the result of your appeal by campus e-mail within five business days.

Please make sure that all information you provide is accurate and complete. 

Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Campus or Home Phone:
Student/Faculty/Staff ID:

Ticket Information
Ticket Date:
Time of Violation :
Location of Violation:

Vehicle Information
Make (e.g., Honda):
Model (e.g., Civic):
Vehicle License #:

Please check all violations as checked on ticket:
Parking Violation/Ticket - $25.00
Parking Violation/Fire Lane - $50.00
Parking Violation/Snow Parking Ban - $50.00
Unregistered student vehicle on campus - $50.00
Scofflaw (3 or more violations) - $50.00
Parking Violations/Disabled Space - $200.00

Briefly describe your reason for appealing: