Laptop Theft Prevention

Bowdoin College has purchased a large number of STOP anti-theft security plates from and we offer them at no-cost to Bowdoin students, faculty and staff.

Stop Device on laptopSTOP is a patented Anti-Theft, Recovery and Inventory Management System. 

STOP's Mission is to prevent crime through a highly visible tagging system.  The system makes potential thieves think twice about stealing STOP-tagged equipment as illicit resale will be very difficult and the equipment can be easily traced, increasing the chance of recovery in the event your laptop is stolen.

STOP security plates are secured with a high-strength "super glue" type gel that creates an exceptionally strong bond and permanently embeds a "stolen property" tattoo into the device casing.  If the plate is removed, the tattoo is easily seen by potential buyers, repair technicians, and law enforcement.

Contact the Office of Safety and Security at 725-3458 for more information or to set up an appointment, or visit the Security office in Rhodes Hall to have your free STOP security plate installed on your laptop and have your laptop registered in a worldwide database.