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Maine Alcohol Laws

The following is a list of Maine alcohol laws that you should know.

  • Illegal Possession of Liquor by a Minor (Civil) Title 28-A, 2051-E
  • Illegal Transportation of Liquor by a Minor (Civil) Title 28-A, 2052-1
  • Furnishing Liquor to a Minor (Class D) Title 28-A, 2081-1A
  • Allowing Consumption/Possession of Liquor by a Minor (Class D) Title 28-A, 2081-1B
  • Furnishing Liquor to a Visibly Intoxicated Person (Class D) Title 28-A, 2081-1C
  • Defacing or Removing a Malt Liquor Keg Tag (Class E) Title 28-A, 714-5
  • Drinking in Public (Class E) Title 17, 2003-A
  • Possession of a False ID Card (Civil) Title, 28-A, 2051-D-1
  • Allowing Another to Use One's ID Card (Class E) Title 29-A, 2102-2
  • Refusal to Provide Proper Identification (Civil) Title 28-A, 2087