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Fall 2008

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101. Elementary Russian I
Jane Knox-Voina M 9:30 - 10:25, W 9:30 - 10:25, F 9:30 - 10:25
Emphasis on the acquisition of language skills through imitation and repetition of basic language patterns; the development of facility in speaking and understanding simple Russian. Conversation hour with a native speaker.

203. Intermediate Russian I
Elena Monastireva-Ansdell M 11:30 - 12:25, W 11:30 - 12:25, F 11:30 - 12:25
A continuation of Russian 101, 102. Emphasis on maintaining and improving the student’s facility in speaking and understanding normal conversational Russian. Writing and reading skills are also stressed. Conversation hour with native speaker.

226. Engineering Human Souls: Stalinist Culture and Russian Society
Elena Monastireva-Ansdell T 2:30 - 3:55, TH 2:30 - 3:55
This course will examine Stalin's 1920-30s fundamental transformation of Russian society with his ruthless revolution from above. Topics: official and dissident culture of (Mayakovsky, Bulgakov, Sozhenitsyn Akhmatova, and others), and art. Investigates how some Soviet artists shaped and popularized Stalin's vision of a socialist utopia, how others questioned and subverted the emergent totalitarian system. Memoirs and diaries from the years of terror (mid- to late 1930s) that provide insights into the everyday experiences and personal struggles of regular Soviet people. Discussion of a series of de-Stalinization campaigns after his death in 1953, Stalin's cultural legacy is neither gone nor forgotten, post-Stalinist culture and reactions against Stalinism as well as resurgence of Stalinist myths and mindsets in Russia today.

305. Advanced Reading and Composition in Russian
Jane Knox-Voina M 11:30 - 12:25, W 11:30 - 12:25, F 11:30 - 12:25
Intended to develop the ability to read Russian at a sophisticated level by combining selected language and literature readings, grammar review, and study of Russian word formation. Discussion and reports in Russian. Conversation hour with native speaker.

309. Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
Jane Knox-Voina T 11:30 - 12:55, TH 11:30 - 12:55
A survey of Russian prose of the nineteenth century. Special attention paid to the development of Russian realism. Writers include Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol’, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy.