Katie LKatie Lampadarious '00
After graduating from Bowdoin in May 2000 I found myself on a plane full of Peace Corps trainees on our way to Vladivostok, Russia. Vladivostok is commonly thought to be in Siberia, but is in reality in the Russian Far East. It's proximity to Korea and China is felt in the cuisine and people. Vlasivostok is a city on the water with lots of hills and Soviet-styled apartment buildings. While in Vladivostok, all of the trainees lived with Russian host families. My parents were Galina Savvovna and Valentine Ivanovich. Galina is a telephone operator and Valentine is a mechanic. After two months of training we became official Peace Corps Volunteers. I moved to what would be my home for two years. Nakhodka is a city of two hundred thousand people. It is on the water and one of the biggest ports in the Russian Far East. The people I met and became friends with were teachers, students, sailors, and business men and women. My school was a gymnasium with a special program in foreign languages. As a result, my students had a pretty high level of English which made it easier for me as a new teacher. I was terrified to teach, but the support I found from my English teacher colleagues was amazing and the growth I accomplished as a teacher and leader was due in large part to them.

I find it so hard to generalize my life in Russia. I remember falling in love with the countryside. Russia's land is vast and varied. I lived in a country full of hills. I visited a country full of mountains and hot springs and a country full of plains. I remember endless train rides through birch forests seeing a wooden house now and then. I remember the love of life that Russians carry with them. Going visiting to people's houses, eating lots of food and drinking vodka were a common event in my life there. Going to the banya was an event that every single Peace Corps volunteer adored. We were lucky to have a public banya in Nakhodka and we soon discovered that sitting in a steam room, beating each other
with birch branches and jumping in a pool of freezing cold water was an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Russians I met were complicated people and while I have grown to love them, I know that I will never truly understand them. But that's ok. They challenged me on America, our politics, and our lifestyle. We used to have long chats over cups of tea or bottles of vodka, and those sustained my soul in a country far from all that was familiar. People keep asking me if I would do Peace Corps again. I would and I would and will go back to Russia.

Jane Buchanan '96
Honors Project on Siberia (see list of honors projects). Spent her fifth year at Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk (Lake Baikal). Interested in ecological and ethnic problems of the Siberian people. Plans to stay for the summer and early fall in Olkhon, a fishing village on an island on Lake Baikal, where she will teach English and ecology in school and will coach the first-ever Siberian little league baseball team. During her junior year at Bowdoin, she spent a semester studying in St. Petersburg with SIT.

Hugh Graham '96
Russian Major. Independent Studies on the Changing Russian Language. Spent a year on ACC Exchange in Irkutsk, Siberia (Russia). June 1996-1997, worked for Project Harmony, Vermont, travelling back and forth to Russia (1996).

Gary Myers '96
Double Major (Russian-History) . Spent a semester in St. Petersburg with SIT. Studying Russian history in a graduate program at the University of Chicago. Taking a year-long leave of absence to have a rest from the books and get married.

Rachel Rudman '96
English Major, Russian Minor. Completed an Independent Studies Project on Anton Chekhov. Now works for Random House Publications in New York City and as an Escort and Interpreter for Bowdoin Guest Lecturers arriving at JFK from Russia.

Clay Berry '93
Double Major (History-Russian). In 1996, applying for graduate school for M.A. in International Relations. In January 1995, worked for American Cultural Exchange and the World Affairs Council and the American Cultural Exchange for the division of the International Training and Development Institute, as a program assistant for a group of visitors from Central Asia. Harvard's World Teach Program in Kalingrad, Russia (from December '93-December '94). Honors Thesis: Akhmatova, Tsevetaeva and Gumileva? Participated in CIEE semester student program in Leningrad.

Veronica Mora Mieszkovski '93V
Russian Major. Ph.D. Program in Slavic Department, University of Illinois at Urbana, Polish Literature and Women's Literature. Participant in American Consortium Program, Leningrad. Worked in Moscow orphanage for one summer. Now married and finishing her degree.

Andrew Yim '93
Worked for the news agency Interperiodika, 90 Profsoyuznaya, 117864. Moscow, Russia.

Eric Engleman '92
History Major, Russian minor. Worked at National Public Radio, Washington, D.C. before travelling to work in Moscow. Also studied Russian at Georgetown University in preparation for working in Moscow.

Jennifer Andich '91
Double Major (Government-Russian) . Fall '95 entered the MA Program at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs. Was employed as Assistant to the Director and Senior Program Coordinator for American Collegiate Consortium Student Exchange Program for the CIS (Middlebury College) from 1992-1995. As a Bowdoin undergraduate, spent a year at Leningrad State University in the Consortium Program. Frequently travels to Russian to help administer this program and meet students' needs there.

Amanda Bichels '91
Studying political science at Johns Hopkins University.

Wilford J.H. Saunders '91
Former ACC Coordinator in Vladivostok. Also with Tomsky Privitization Project - Small Scale for International Finance Corporation, Washington, D.C. and then Representative for American Consortium of Colleges, in Vladivostok, Russia's Far East. Participant in year-long Consortium Study Program in Odessa, Ukraine.

Joe Akeley '90
Russian Major. Former Assistant Director, American Collegiate Consortium, Middlebury College. Spent a year with ACC in Moscow.

Shamu Fenyvesi '90
Russian Major, English Minor. Led a summer training program for Russian school children in Magadan, Siberia, examining ecological problems of that area. Entered a graduate program in ecology in the fall of 1993, possibly Wyoming Environmental Studies. As an undergraduate at Bowdoin, he spent one semester studying Russian language and literature at Leningrad State University. Now in graduate school in either ecology or environmental studies.

Keith Supko '90
Former Programs Assistant in Nizhnyj Novogorod, the SOROS FOUNDATION. Masters in International Affairs and Soviet Studies from Columbia University, March 1992. Attended one semester in CIEE Program at Leningrad State University. Attended one semester of Russian in Middlebury College Summer School.

Matt London '89
One semester in Moscow. Played on a Russian baseball team. Worked for Russian-American Press and Information Center. Now in graduate School.

Peter Quimby '89
Double Major (Government-Russian) . Studied in Middlebury College Russian Summer School. Entered Political Science Ph.D. Program at Wisconsin University, concentrating on the political scene in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Sean Roberts '89
Double Major (History-Russian) . In Ph.D. program in Anthropology with the topic of People in "Soviet" Central Asia, specifically the Muslim area of Central Asia at USCALF. In addition to Russian, speaks and writes the Uzbek and Uighan languages. Has written and published articles in his area of speciality. Becoming one of the badly needed specialists in former Soviet Central Asia, Sean spent one year as a Bowdoin undergraduate studying in American Consortium Program in Tashkent, studying the history and languages of this former republic of the Soviet Union.

Ruth Borgeson '88
Russian Major. Elliott School of International Affairs, 2013 G. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. (1992-). "This school had the second largest number of students pass the Foreign Sevice exam in 1991 and 1992 (Elliott School of International Affairs) Received her Masters' degree in spring of 1996 in Russian Est European Studies and Environmental Policy, married James Everett on August 1, 1996.

Mary Cline '88
Double Major (Government-Russian). Internship with Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany. Writes for the Radio Research Bulletin, completing a Ph.D. at Rand University in California.

Carol Lund Price '86
Masters in Russian Language and Literature at the University of California, San Diego, now enrolled in a Ph.D. Program. Chair of Russian Women Writers Panel for the Annual Convention of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Esat European Languages in Toronto, December 1997.

Todd Vogelsong '86
Double Major (Economics-Russian). IREX Scholar (International Research Exchange Graduate Student Scholar) in Moscow, 1991-92, studying the Politics of Legal Reform of Russian Courts as part of his Doctoral Program in the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto, with Professor Peter Solomon. As an undergraduate at Bowdoin College, Todd spent one semester at Leningrad State University studying Russian language and literature under the sponsorship of CIEE.


Elizabeth Brainerd '85
Double Major (Economics-Russian), Assistant to Jeffrey Sachs, Professor of Economics, Harvard University, advising Yeltsin's team of economists in Moscow. Elizabeth is also in the process of completing her Ph.D. at Harvard, concentrating on the Economic policies of the Commonwealth of Independent States. She taught a beginning course on the principles of Economics at Harvard for the first time in the fall of 1992. She received her M.A. from Columbia University. She also studied Russian at Middlebury College Summer School, and Leningrad State University (one semester). She lived for six months in Moscow as the nanny-tutor for Professor Knox-Voina's son in 1986.

Susan Thornton '85
Interdisciplinary Major (Economics-Russian). She and her husband worked in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, helping establish a U.S. Embassy there. Sue is a foreign service officer with the U.S. Department of State and is highly praised by other State Department officers for her knowledge of Russian and understanding of the former Soviet Union. Now taking time out to have a family.

Douglas Stenberg '79
Ph.D in Russian at Bryn Mawr University. Now Assistant Professor of Russian and Russian Literature at Colorado College.