Department Learning Goals

Majors and non-majors will be assessed and able to:

1. Accurately and effectively use French, Italian and/or Spanish for interpersonal (dialogues), interpretive (reading, listening), and presentational (writing, speaking) modes of communication, ranging in complexity from everyday interaction to abstract, educated discourse in both oral and written forms [1101-2305].

2. Demonstrate critical understanding of Francophone, Hispanic and/or Italian cultural productions through the discussion and critique of literary, artistic, historical, and sociological works of various authors, genres, periods and regions [2400-3000].

In addition, majors and minors will be assessed and able to:

3. Identify and describe widely recognized intellectual and cultural movements throughout the history of Francophone, Hispanic and/or Italian societies.

4. Explain fundamental concepts for, and contrast diverse approaches to, the scholarly study of literature, film, and cultural production [2400-3000]

5. Conduct analytical research in Francophone, Hispanic and/or Italian Studies, and present it with scholarly rigor, in written or oral form, using the methods specific to such disciplines [3000-Independent Studies/Honors Project]