Requirements for the Major in Religion

The major consists of nine courses in religion, including two required courses—Rel. 101: Introduction to the Study of Religion and Religion 390: Theories about Religion.

For the seven remaining courses, four courses need to be taken at the 200 level, one in each of the following four designated areas: (1) Asian Religions, (2) Islam and Post-Biblical Judaism, (3) Christianity and Gender, and (4) Bible and Comparative Studies. Majors must also complete an additional 300 level course in religion and two electives at either the 200 or 300 level in religion.

In order to enroll in Religion 390, a major normally will be expected to have taken four of the nine required courses. This seminar is also open to qualified non-majors with permission of the instructor. In addition, candidates for honors complete a tenth course, advanced independent study, as part of their honors projects.

No more than one first-year seminar may be counted toward the major. No more than three courses taken at other colleges or universities will count toward the major. No courses graded Credit/D/Fail may count towards the major or minor.

Requirements for the Minor in Religion

A minor consists of five courses — Religion 101, three courses at the 200 level or higher (among these three electives, at least one course shall be in Western religions and cultures and one in Asian religions and cultures) and Religion 390.