Withdrawing from Bowdoin College

Your Dean within the Office of the Dean of Students is the first point of contact for making plans to leave Bowdoin and initiating an official withdrawal.

Types of withdrawals:

Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist

Any student withdrawing from the College voluntarily or involuntarily during or for one or more semesters should read the Withdrawal Information Checklist to understand the ramifications of the withdrawal, and for information about follow up once the withdrawal is completed.

Students' Financial Liability

It is a student’s responsibility to know and abide by the College's payment and refund policies. By completing registration, you agree to be responsible for the amount of tuition and other charges set forth according to college policy, regardless of whether you attend these courses.

Additional Information for Voluntary Withdrawals

Notify us of your intent to withdraw
If you would like a voluntary leave or medical leave, please review the college’s policies in the Academic Handbook. Let us know if you intend to withdraw from the college by completing the Intent to Withdraw Form and returning it to the Office of the Dean of Students.

We record your official date of withdrawal as your last date of attendance.

If you withdraw anytime after the second week of classes, you will receive a withdrawal (W) grade notation for all your courses. The grade of (W) does not affect your GPA, but does appear on your official transcript.